National Day of Prayer?

Next Thursday, May 3rd, is the annual National Day of Prayer, so I thought it would be appropriate to trot out the archived post below.

The National Day of Prayer advances the causes of ecumenism and Civil Religion (see here), NOT the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Please read the rest via National Day of Prayer?

6 thoughts on “National Day of Prayer?

  1. Good morning, Tom. You know I am somewhat ambivalent about this. Your points are great for sure. Other points seem okay as well. Here is the problem I have with it, and it’s with Christians really. As you know, many don’t like this day and would gladly ban it as unconstitutional. What makes me mad is Christian who, when something like this happens, throw up their hands and whine,”Oh, look the big bad government says we can’t pray and evangelize now!” Then, they stop. I honestly think many out there use opposition for two things: to give themselves some martyr complex so they can feel special for being a “persecuted Christian,” or actually give themselves and excuse to not evangelize or pray. How’s that for hijacking the post? Sorry, LOL. But this was sparked by a real conversation I had with a real person on this very thing.

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    1. Thanks for weighing in, Wally. I realize my views on this might seem “radical” to many because the conflation of faith and nationalism has been preached from the pulpits of this country since the 18th century and even prior. I have no problem with government being completely secularized – taxpayers should not have to support one religion over another. The nebulous “civil religion” that’s propagated by government is at odds with Biblical Christianity in many, many regards. I do realize that the civil religion down in the Bible Belt is probably closer to Christianity than the civil religion up here in the Rust Belt, but combining faith and nationalism in any proportion is always going to end up muddying the Gospel. I’m for the secular government minding its business and the church focusing on its business.


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