Balancing blogging with “real life”

Lately, I’ve seen a few notices from Christian bloggers like the example above, in which the person announced they were disengaging from all social media because they felt like the activities were overtaking their lives.

I don’t have a smart phone nor do I have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest account, but I have posted on the WordPress blogosphere most every day for the last thirty-three months. I view my blog as a ministry from the Lord, providing content that’s getting harder and harder to find in this increasingly ecumenical era. I enjoy researching the subject material and writing. Oh, if the nuns could see me now! I also enjoy reading others’ postings and I’m regularly blessed by the blogs that I subscribe to. I purposely limit the number of blogs I follow because I actually do try to read the postings and there’s only so much time in the day.

I’ve been very blessed by many bloggers over the past three years, too many to name. I’ve shared personal thoughts and struggles and have been blessed by prayers and encouragement. It’s also a blessing to encourage others and uphold them in prayer. We’ve had some disagreements, but that happens in a family. The Lord has often taught me humility through brothers and sisters who hold opposing views. No, I definitely don’t have the “final word” in regards to secondary doctrinal beliefs. Friends have come and gone over the last three years. Some people stop writing for various reasons. With others, the theological (or other) differences turn out to be too wide to bridge. I also realize a blog such as mine rubs many the wrong way these days. As I’ve shared before, when it comes to theology I’m a bit of a square peg in that I’m too “liberal” for fundamentalists and too “conservative” for ecumenists.

So what am I getting at with all of this? Many Christians here at WP also see their blogging activity as a ministry and more than worthy of their time and effort. But, as I’m reminded by these recent “farewell” postings, social media can also easily overtake our lives, drawing us away from our relationships with our family and “non-virtual” friends and even from our time with the Lord. The tail sometimes ends up wagging the dog. Over the last three years, I’ve struggled to properly prioritize the time I spend here at WP as I’m sure many of you have also. We all need to find the proper balance, right? How have you successfully managed your blogging time?

A few more random thoughts:

  • Most bloggers enjoy having their posts read and “liked.” Most importantly, we pray our posts might have an impact on the lost. It’s enjoyable to encourage others and to be encouraged, but I realized a long time ago that my subject material by its very nature isn’t going to garner a lot of  followers and “likes.” So my motivation ultimately has to be to please the Lord.
  • Isn’t it amazing when someone “likes” your 700-word post three seconds after you’ve published it? That’s fast reading!
  • Blogging can be profitable if you accumulate enough followers. One of the strategies of becoming a popular blogger is to “follow” a multitude of blogs and hit the “like” button on as many posts as possible and hope for reciprocation. Caralyn at beautybeyondbones has been faithfully “liking” my posts for three years although I doubt she has actually read a single one of them since we’re worlds apart theologically. Damien at mrdparrott was doing the same for awhile.
  • My wife would rather see me working on projects around the house than blogging, so I write most of my posts when she’s sleeping or out of the house. My wife knows I maintain a blog, but has no interest in reading my posts. Well, that’s one way of keeping me humble.
  • Anytime we create something, there’s always the temptation to be prideful rather than giving credit to our Creator.
  • I recently decided to take Mondays off from blogging. A second day is a future possibility. I think the break will be a healthy respite. I’m also trying to limit my posts to 500 words for my benefit and the benefit of readers. Whoops! So much for good intentions! I’m already 200 words over!
  • The souls we interact with on the internet are no less “real” than those in the non-virtual world.

34 thoughts on “Balancing blogging with “real life”

  1. LOL! When I “like” something from my email it takes me to the blog post 🙂 Then I read and comment.

    I have been blessed more so by being able to blog then commenting on Facebook (I no longer have it). I have no other social medias as I have had a flip phone that I refuse to get rid of as I do NOT want to be on any extras. I had to deactivate my FB page because I found it was consuming me and I am MORE THAN happy to have made that decision 🙂 Also when I would see “friends” from my page in public I found I/them would sort of avoid each other!

    As long as I can I will keep ministering through Word Press~I enjoy many that are sharing the truth~i appreciate the hard work and effort that the Holy Spirit leads you to share, Tom~ALL GLORY AND HONOR TO THE GOOD LORD ❤ ❤ ❤
    May you continue sharing the TRUTH that the Holy Spirit leads you to share!

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    1. Elizabeth, thanks for sharing some of your personal experiences with social media! Yes, it can either be a real blessing in our lives (and hopefully to others) or a consuming idol. Thanks for your encouraging words and for your edifying posts as well! Yes, ALL glory to our Lord and Savior!!! We could not put one fingertip to one keyboard key without His grace! As Christians we also know that when we start putting the Truth out there, Satan will try to shut it down.

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  2. I vacillate between wanting to quit blogging because I don’t know if I’m making an impact, and thinking I really should blog more often. And it’s discouraging, isn’t it, when family members show no interest in what to us seems like such an important task. I keep thinking to myself, you know…if MY sister or mother or spouse or child had a blog, I would subscribe and make sure I read each one.

    But, like you indicated, we are being reminded to be humble and trust God to use our efforts as He wants and for His glory.

    And just FYI…I may not read all your posts, but if I liked it…I read it. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for chiming in, Caroline! I love to do the research and to write, but we all need to find the right balance. For a blog to be popular numbers-wise, there has to be a certain degree of intentional networking and avoidance of controversial topics. I’m in trouble on both counts. Even the name of my blog is going to offend many right off the bat. But the Lord has put it in my heart to keep blogging for now. We won’t learn our impact until we get to glory. Somewhat strange about blogging and family members. Yes, I would be very curious to read a close family member’s blog. I showed a few posts to my wife thinking she would enjoy them, but she was super critical. I should have written this or that, instead, etc., etc. I don’t know what that’s all about – some type of spiritual tussle – but I quickly learned to keep my blogging activities to myself.

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  3. I recognize that bloggers profile photo via WP even though the message is from fb. I left almost all social media (starting with fb in 2015) last year…with exception of WP. I’ve noticed the same thing, Tom, in that people are pulling back as you mention.

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  4. It’s funny, similar thoughts had been occurring to us at PR. Of the group, I take the lead on the writing of the page and certainly it takes a few hours to research and write each item (despite some rather malicious accusations we’ve been subjected to suggesting the contrary regarding our levels of research). We’ve had a few of those guys you’re talking about too liking our posts. Sadly for them, we haven’t chosen to follow their page!

    If you’re popular as a Christian, it can sometimes be a sign you’re doing something wrong, a la Billy Graham.

    We enjoy reading your posts and commend you on your stance regarding ecumenical compromise, but, most importantly, praise God for it because, were it not for His free grace, we would not have a stand to take.

    Psalm 65:4: “Blessed is the man whom thou choosest, and causest to approach unto thee.”

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    1. Thanks for the comments! I likewise enjoy your posts and your uncompromising stand regarding ecumenism with error. The Lord can encourage us through others, but we have to be wary of chasing after the flattery of men.

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  5. Tom, your BLOG has been a true blessing to me, and a valuable resource as I witness to the unsaved in my community and a few individuals online. I’ve discovered that there are so many people who share a similar story to yours. They grew up in the Catholic church, got frustrated with the legalism and hypocrisy, and walked away from God completely to become Atheists. The Internet can be a force for good or a force for evil, it all depends on how the person sitting at the keyborad decides to use it…And you are dfinitely using it to bring glory to God. I’ve been doing my BLOG for almost threee years now, and I am always touched by the number of people I am able to interact with from around the world, and share God’s love with. Stay encouraged, and keep sharing what God has given you.

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  6. This is really interesting… for me it’s a break from all the Facebook stuff. This is where I come to be refreshed and to share what God puts on my heart to share. Sometimes I can’t focus on my real life chores until I share the verse or whatever it is I’m studying… as time goes on, I find it’s not draining at all, just speak the truth and let people come or go as they will. I’ve learned over the years that it’s far more fulfilling to write in accordance to Gods word and just put it out there… jockeying for position is exhausting lol.

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    1. Thanks, Shara! I can definitely see where Facebook could turn into more of a horse race “grind” than WP. But as someone who likes to write and seems to have an abundance of material to write about lately, some self-regulating is in order.

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  7. Good stuff, Tom. Wow, I had just had a good blogging friend announce his retirement, and the words were almost the same as your example. I get it, and sometimes I want to back away. As soon as I do, the Lord makes it clear just where he wants me, so back i come.

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    1. Thanks, Wally! Yeah, not only do I enjoy writing and the interaction with others on topics near and dear to me, but I also feel like the Lord is laying these things on my heart to put out there. I know you feel the same. But I think I need to consciously rein in my word count (as you know, I tend to get carried away on some topics) and take a day or two off every week, but it’s going to be different for every person.

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      1. You are just a writing fool! 🙂 Put that keyboard on ice! Naw. Just kiddin.’ If the Lord is over it, and we’re approaching the ministry with a servant heart, the Lord will work it all out. If we’re doing it in the flesh, we’ll peter out quickly.


    1. Hi Hope, I have noticed you’ve reduced the frequency of your postings and, yes, I see your blog is pared down. Yup, we have to follow the leading of the Lord in these matters. I taught children’s Sunday School for many years but finally quit because I felt burnt out. I felt guilty about it for a long time until I heard a message about when the Lord calls us to something, it’s not necessarily permanently. Pastors need children’s workers and sometimes they’ll try to shame you into doing something the Lord is no longer calling you to do.


      1. You nailed it! In my case, I got tired of playing God. I got tired of finding fault with everybody and everything to the point that I was bashing the brethren. There are many discernment blogs out there, so I’ll let them handle it from now on. Lately, the Lord has given me a new love for the simplicity of my little tract ministry, and to be perfectly honest, I’m more content to be His little foot soldier than ever before. Yes, the apostasy is out there. Yes, there are many false teachers. Yes, Jesus is coming back soon. But there are very few workers in the field these days, and focusing on what was wrong with our end time world was dimming my little light. I’m happy to be back at doing only what the Lord has called me to do.

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      2. I’m happy for you that you were able to discern the Lord’s will for you. Just a “coincidence,” but I recently purchased some tracts and address labels because I discerned the Lord wanted me to get out from behind the laptop more.


  8. I loved this post, brother! Each one of your points either made me laugh, or think. WP is a unique platform to bring glory to God, unlike other social media outlets everyone comes here for the shear purpose of gaining information and reading opinions. In this world of compromise, I have been so blessed by your strong stance against ecumenism! Your ministry here is doing good work!
    I’m still learning how to balance everything, I usually wake up early to read, pray, and study so I have some time afterwards to blog. It helps that I’m a house wife, although most of my day is devoted to Kayliegh’s lessons whether in teaching or preparation. I wish I had some suggestions, but I’ve been blessed by everything others have written in the comment section!

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    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement in the Lord, sister! We are so blessed and privileged to be able to sow the seed of the Gospel via WP. Thirty years ago, no one could have imagined such a thing. Some of my earliest posts continue to pick up views all around the world, which is just amazing. You have your hands full with your family and home schooling but we’re blessed by your posts. Your messages have giving me a firmer understanding and appreciation of the creationist view and that’s a big blessing!

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  9. Great post Tom. I enjoyed reading it. Your second point made me laugh! WP for me is a way to share the gospel in addition to our church tract ministry. And I also enjoy reading posts from reliable Christian bloggers. I have leaned much through their knowledge and encouragement. The Lord is so Good.
    May the Lord bless you as you seek to give Him glory.

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    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Crissy! Yes, it’s a great privilege to share the Gospel via WP and to read the edifying posts of other believers. Thank you and may the Lord bless you as well as you continue to serve Him!

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  10. Bravo my brother in the Lord. I recently removed my self from all social media. This is what made me gravitate to your blog post. I have ran across a dry base of gospel around here and I believe and brothers and sisters in the Lord we are here to be salt,light and water for a thirsty world.

    I am amazed at the similar, but then again being my brother in Christ I am not. I am here to give my talents in writing and encouraging to the Lord. The role of wife is so lost in our modern world. We need to bring back a Spirit of submission and respect to husbands. That is what my blog is about at The Happy House Wife!

    I will see you around my brother, or should I say co-laborer in the gospel. I have truly been encouraged today.

    The Happy House Wife

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  11. Sorry but “Oh, if the nuns could see me now!” had me cry laughing! 😂😂 Then I tried again to read your post more seriously!
    Are the readers of your posts mainly bloggers? I’m a minority non-blogger then, but this is a great article, thank you! If ever I do decide to blog, it’ll be bookmarked for reference and reflection on, every few months.
    I have 4 FB pages on the go, however 2 are more active, and 1 of those daily, the other weekly (thankful for pre-scheduling!) They aren’t primarily for Christian outreach, but for Christian based business and community organisation. It can definitely be consuming and needs to be balanced with God, family, work time etc.
    So it’s vitally important to keep asking myself “why and for Whom am I doing this?” Oh yes, “and for Whose glory?” (Hope that was the right “whose/who’s”!)
    God bless you and keep you wise about using your time for His glory and preaching the Gospel! And me too! Psalm 90:12.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Cassey! Yes, most of the readers are WP bloggers but I’m pleased you found this blog! 😁 Thank you for sharing some info on your FB ministries and your desire to focus on the Lord. God bless you and your service to Him!


  12. I find blogging as a ministry is the best way to view it; otherwise any vainity would burn us out or cause us to neglect our other responsibilities; I find it most helpful to have blogging as an outlet from other responsibilities we have, if possible.

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