Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/14/18

When I was growing up as a Catholic here in the Northeast, I had never heard the term, “born again,” used until candidate Jimmy Carter ran for President in 1976 and created headlines when he admitted to looking “on a lot of women with lust.” Oh, boy! We made great fun of Carter and those other ridiculous “born-agains.” However, Catholicism couldn’t ignore the Biblical mandate (“You must be born again” – John 3:7) any longer, and taught that Catholics ARE born again when they are baptized as infants. But is that what being “born again” really means according to the Bible? See here.

High-ranking conservative critics of pope Francis met in Rome last week to consider their options in opposing the lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees. It’s special times we live in when doctrinaire Catholics feel they must defend the church from the pope.

We should forgive brethren who have fallen, but pastors and teachers who fall and create scandal should move on to different occupations. No thanks, Mark. Don’t want to read it.

I saw this article and checked our local library to see if “To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism” by Ross Douthat was available and sure enough it was. Great! Another book by a conservative Catholic that’s deeply critical of pope Francis. Review to follow.

In regards to abortion, Francis has stated in the past that he’s trying to move Catholicism away from being a one-trick pony, focused entirely on opposing abortion.

I used to google “evangelicals” multiple times throughout the week in search of news stories for the weekend roundup, but I stopped doing that a LONG time ago when “evangelical/s” became permanently linked with Donald Trump, courtesy of Jerry Falwell, Jr., Robert Jeffress and Franklin Graham. When we google “evangelicals,” we SHOULD be seeing stories about spreading the Gospel, not the conflation of faith and dirty politics.

Year after year, case after sad case, Catholicism just cannot get this pedophile priest and cover-up scandal right.

Speaking of evangelicals and Trump, I checked the Babylon Bee to put the finishing touches on this post and this one fell right into my lap!


14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/14/18

  1. Always look forward to your posts and especially the Weekend Roundup. Your points are on target…and good roundup end with The B B…always a good laugh/cry there! God bless you Tom, have a good weekend. 🐝

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    1. Thanks for your opinion, Maria. From my perspective, American evangelicals’ enthusiastic support of Trump as exemplified by Falwell, Jr., Graham, and Jeffress, has damaged the Gospel witness in this country.

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      1. I disagree. I think it does help to show unbelievers that not all Bible Christians are enthusiastic Trump supporters and strongly focused on politics. How many times have I posted something on Trump in the last year, Maria? I think I’ve shown a lot of restraint.

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      2. I believe we should be respectful of the office, but at the same time Trump has shown extremely little respect for the office by his behaviors and deportment. He specializes in name calling if anyone dares to oppose him. His behaviors and comments are bizarre.

        I believe the 1st century Christians prayed for the Caesars, for their conversion and for tranquility so that the Gospel could go out unencumbered. And I believe they honored the Caesars’ laws as far as they were able. But I don’t believe they blew the trumpets for them. I pray for those in authority quite often, for their conversion and that they won’t hinder the Gospel. I actually appreciate Trump in several respects. Americans became overconfident in their country and its processes. For many, America became an idol. But Trump has shaken things up dramatically. Every day it’s another strange occurrence at the White House. People are losing confidence. Perhaps some souls will be open to the Gospel who weren’t open before.

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