Update: Catholic church twists itself into a pretzel trying to deal with Francis’ “reforms”

In response to my earlier inquiry regarding the abrupt and drastic changes to a Catholic talk radio show, I received the email below from the station. Below that, I’ve included my reply that I sent out this morning, which will probably be the last of this exchange that I will post.

As I said before, pope Francis has really thrown a monkey wrench into the Catholic system. If your focus is on an institution rather than on Jesus Christ, you’re on the wrong path.

From: Jim Havens
VP of Mission and Communication, The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network
Sent: Wed, Mar 21, 2018 7:18 am
Subject: Re: Can you please address the abrupt changes made to “The Catholic Current”?

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your email.

Your conclusion that somehow we are stifling honest opinion is simply incorrect and I find it unfortunate that you would make such an accusation.

Since you asked, I am happy to share more with you regarding our recent decision to change the concept and format of The Catholic Current.

First, we ran into an integrity issue with the show as it was being presented as a show where we would “follow the truth wherever it leads,” yet some of the priest hosts were telling me not to ask certain questions, read certain listener emails, mention certain names, etc.

Second, there were also some content concerns as some of the priest hosts were pushing their own speculative opinions (ex. a theory that the universe is only 8,000 years old), one even called the Catechism into question on-air, and I had some other concerns due to a private conversation I had with one of the priest hosts.

We decided to take a break, gather listener feedback, and prayerfully discern the best path forward.

At the conclusion of the process, it was determined to change format in order to best achieve our mission of proclaiming the fullness of Truth with clarity and charity. While the new version of show is less sensational, it is even more firmly centered on rock-solid catechesis and evangelization which are desperately needed in our Church and world today.

God bless you.

Grace and peace,


To: Jim Havens
VP of Mission and Communication, The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network
Sent: Thu, Mar 22, 2018 12:24 pm
Subject: Re: Can you please address the abrupt changes made to “The Catholic Current”?

Hi Jim, Thank you for your reply and explanations, although I do have several additional thoughts. You categorized my previous concerns as “incorrect” and “unfortunate” “accusations.” But I was simply trying to ascertain what had happened that would have prompted WLOF to announce a new show with great fanfare, especially in regards to its stated mission of confronting the confusion and errors creeping into the church and pursuing the truth “wherever the truth may lead,” and then:

1. Pulling the show following February 6th
2. Reconvening the show on March 12th with new hosts and a drastically changed format without any explanation to the listeners.
3. Expunging all twenty-four episodes dating from Jan. 3 to Feb. 6 from the podcast archives.

I’m sure I’m not the only listener who was very puzzled by such a dramatic turn of events. When an information source that’s trusted by many engages in such arbitrary practices, could anyone blame the audience for asking questions and expressing concern? Yet I am portrayed as the “bad guy” for speaking up?

I’m guessing there was more to the decision to shut down The Catholic Current 1.0 than you are divulging. Conservative Catholic organizations and individual clergy and laypersons are wrestling with how to respond to pope Francis, who is changing dogma once thought to be infallible, such as the ban on communion for remarried divorcees. The Catholic church has always taught that a pope could never lead the church into doctrinal error, but in the eyes of conservatives such as your former priest-hosts, Francis is doing exactly that. Francis presents a very uncomfortable dilemma for conservatives. If the claim that a pope could never lead the church into error is incorrect, conservatives must then ask themselves what other traditions of the church are spurious and without foundation? You write about the station’s mission of “proclaiming the fullness of Truth,” but is the fullness of truth that you refer to the truth of pope Francis or the contrasting truth of cardinal Raymond Burke?

I can appreciate that you and the other members of the staff at WLOF are in a challenging situation. The expectation is that you will present the church to your audience as an institution united behind the pope, but Francis is making that task increasingly difficult for you.

After reading the New Testament for several years as a Catholic, I could no longer reconcile God’s Word with Catholic doctrine. I left the Catholic church and eventually accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior by faith alone. Jesus Christ is my Salvation and my unchanging Rock. I invite you to consider accepting Christ as your Savior by faith alone as well. I am not shaken by the controversies within religious institutions. The Catholic church, as you know from the controversy behind “The Catholic Current” revision, is not what it claims to be.


via Catholic church twists itself into a pretzel trying to deal with Francis’ “reforms”

8 thoughts on “Update: Catholic church twists itself into a pretzel trying to deal with Francis’ “reforms”

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! In my flesh I initially reasoned, why should I even mention salvation in Christ to this guy because he’s up to his neck in his institutional religiosity. What a dummy I am!

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    1. Thanks, Jim! At first I wasn’t going to include anything about the Gospel because I figured the individual and the others I cc’ed are so hardcore RC, but ours is to scatter seed not to rationalize. BTW, I sat with my friend at a restaurant last night for five hours – he did 90% of the talking because of all of his troubles. But I was able to talk with him about Jesus a bit so I appreciate your prayers.

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      1. Wow praise God! I’m glad to hear this! I think you did the right thing with listening to him. Sometimes it feels counter-intuitive to our instinct to share the Gospel but I think it is always good to start out with listening more to someone going through so much as with what the guy is going through. I’m still praying for him

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