Warren Jeffs: Fundamentalist Mormon Monster

Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil
A&E Cable Channel, 2018, 120 minutes

The documentary, “Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil,” premiered February 19th on the A&E cable channel and I finally caught up with it via on-demand on Saturday night.

Readers of this blog may remember that I had a strong historical interest in the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” (LDS, Mormons) because we live only 23 miles from Palmyra, New York, where the “church” had its beginnings. Mormon apologists say the church’s founder and first prophet, Joseph Smith, received divine revelation at some point in the 1830s to revive the Old Testament practice of polygamous/plural marriage and that the “principle” continued within the church until Wilford Woodruff, the fourth prophet, claimed he received divine revelation in 1890, which ended it. My, the Mormon god appears to be quite indecisive. In practical terms, the Mormons ended polygamy due to mounting pressure from the federal government. Although officially banned, Mormons continued polygamy under wraps until it eventually fizzled out within the “official” LDS church. However, several “fundamentalist” Mormon groups split from the church in order to continue the practice.

Warren Jeffs is the president and prophet of one of those groups, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), which was concentrated in the Hidale (UT)-Colorado City (AZ)-Short Creek (AZ) area with around 15,000 members. This documentary traces the rise of Jeffs within the FLDS. He had a penchant for marrying underage girls as plural wives (78 wives total! Oy vey!), which eventually led to his arrest, conviction, and sentencing to life in prison in 2011.

This is a sad, sad story of a religious cult wreacking havoc in the lives of its members. Jeffs was a monster of nightmarish proportions who cloaked his pedophilia in “religious authority.” Ultimately, every false religion is spiritually deadly. I’m mindful that such “respectable” religious institutions as Roman Catholicism dealt in abuses and persecutions that surpassed those of the FLDS. Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ, for His genuine Gospel and His genuine Church! Praise the Lord for His easy yoke and light burden! I think it’s useful for Christians to watch “Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil” to remind us that we should be very wary of placing any leader on a pedestal. In the first Biblical church my wife and I attended after accepting Christ, there were elements of authoritarianism and leadership idolatry. We must follow the Lord rather than any man.

For my previous posts on the fraudulent claims of Joseph Smith and Mormonism see here.

13 thoughts on “Warren Jeffs: Fundamentalist Mormon Monster

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Yup, all of these false religions have some authority (prophet and/or “holy” book) that supersedes God’s Word, Catholicism included. Praise God for His Word! We have no other authority.

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  1.  “Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ, for His genuine Gospel and His genuine Church! Praise the Lord for His easy yoke and light burden! ”
    Powerful post.
    Thank you for sharing truth.

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  2. Interesting, Tom. You know back when I was still a heathen, we live in Utah. Obviously, we were surrounded by Mormons. In fact, after we left they actually built a Temple in the town we lived in. It was about a Mormon as a place could be. They actually had a mission in the town also from the very work I am part of now. Sad to say, those Baptists were real jerks. They never talked about the Gospel or why one should be a Christian, but only about how heinous the Mormons were. On the other hand, the Mormons across the board set a fine example in a LOT of ways. They came close to getting me to be honest. But, the Baptists were so hateful that I, again, washed my hands of all or you religious freaks. Who would have thought people being jerks would actually keep me from falling into a false teaching? 

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    1. Thanks, Wally! Glad they didn’t grab you! Man, the Mormons got it down! They really know how to reach out to outsiders. Their false gospel is no better than anyone else’s, but it’s packaged so slickly. And being such a close-knit, semi-controlled community, they really know how to keep the membership in line. Evangelical outreach and missionary efforts look ragtag in comparison to their well-oiled machine. I spent a lot of time examining Mormonism back in the day. I’ll have to check out a current book down the road.


      1. I was watching it while winding down and laying in bed. My wife came in and watched it for a minute and said it was “too sickening.” It’s always disturbing when victims of abuse tell their stories but I didn’t feel this documentary was being overly sensationalistic.

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      2. Because Jeffs and the other leaders took so many of the young women and girls as plural wives, the community had an excess of young single men so they booted them out and shunned them.

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