The well-spoken man: An allegory of Billy Graham

Yesterday afternoon, I was under the impression that I had posted all of my thoughts regarding Billy Graham (see here and here), until the short allegory below came to mind. Thank you for your interest. I won’t be posting anything more about Billy Graham.

Imagine yourself being on a large ship, the Queen Mary, in the middle of the ocean. It’s a warm, sunny day and you’re relaxing on deck, enjoying the ocean breeze, but suddenly the big ship shudders violently as it hits a reef. You scramble as you get into the Lifeboat* and warn your fellow passengers to do likewise. But a well-spoken man appears on deck and counsels the frazzled passengers with his confident and soothing voice to stay on the ship, telling them that it remains seaworthy and dependable. The passengers let out a collective sigh of relief and express their gratitude to the well-spoken man for allaying their fears. The ship’s captain also extends his enthusiastic thanks. Everyone returns to the ship’s interior. You yell from the Lifeboat, “What are you doing? The ship is sinking! Get into the Lifeboat!” The well-spoken man looks back for a quick second and gives you a wink and a smile. From your Lifeboat, you watch the ship sink into the ocean and all passengers appear to be lost.

*In this allegory, the Lifeboat has room for “whosoever will.”

11 thoughts on “The well-spoken man: An allegory of Billy Graham

    1. Thanks, Maria. No, I definitely didn’t dot all the i’s or cross all the t’s in this allegory and that was on purpose. Did the well-spoken man perish with the passengers or was he able to swim away and later slip into the Lifeboat himself? What has me puzzled is if the well-spoken man genuinely knew in his soul that boarding the Lifeboat was absolutely necessary to survive, why would he have counseled the ship’s passengers to remain aboard the sinking ship? Didn’t Graham say everyone in every religion and even atheists can be saved if they follow “the light that they have” in his Schuller interview? That is not the Gospel. Yes, Billy Graham did preach the Gospel. I heard him myself many times. But some of his other statements and actions bring into question whether he was just following a Baptist script that he had learned long ago. I don’t know the answer. Billy Graham is an enigma to me.
      Postscript: OK, Maria. I did tweak the ending just a bit so it would appear more open-ended regarding the well-spoken man. Thanks!

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  1. This brought to mind a painting called Vision of the Lost by Willian Booth. All the while, the mass of lost and dying yell back at us how unloving it is to warn them of their danger. The ship is most certainly sinking.

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    1. Thanks, sister. Yes, Graham was communicating that the one billion Catholics are presented the genuine Gospel from their pope and church when that is not the case. Many pastors followed Graham’s lead. Very sad and disappointing.

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      1. It is, you’re right brother. I had hoped that his death would open this discussion up and let everyone have a reasonable debate on ecumenicism. Maybe that will still happen? Everyone seems to be emotionally charged right now. I’m so thankful for your honesty, and steadfastness, even in these tough topics!

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      2. Thanks, sister! I think the evangelical church is well on the way to full ecumenism with Rome and only a remnant will not join in. Few will publicly criticize Graham’s compromise at this point because it’s considered REALLY BAD form besides the fact that many are now on board. But the Lord is sovereign and I think evangelicalism’s dalliance with Rome is part of the end times plan.

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  2. Billy Graham encouraged many to stay in apostate organizations masquerading as the church. Many w/in evangelicalism enthusiastically embraced Billy Graham. They’ve all gone down to the depths below w/ him since he never repented. Thank God He still calls His own to follow Him and get in His lifeboat of sovereign saving grace through repentant faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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