Welcome to the Weekend Roundup – News & Views – 2/17/18

It’s more than a little ironic that THE false prophet warns of other false prophets.

There’s been a ton of headlines this week on this “Yalta-like” betrayal, folks. Francis, always a pragmatist, no doubt rationalizes that the RCC can have a bigger impact in China if it recognizes the Beijing-controlled bishops. This is just one more reason for church conservatives to hope for a quick end to Francis’ reign.

It appears that liberal cardinal, Blase Cupich, is going to be Francis’ point man in the U.S. in rolling out the lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees and unmarried cohabitors.

Traditionalist Catholic virtual rag, The Vortex, bemoans that only a tiny percentage of RCC members actually take their religion seriously.

Hey, here’s some local Catholic news! First story – Denise Donato presides over Mary Magdalene church just a mile away in East Rochester. More and more of these breakaway “inclusive” Catholic churches are popping up. Second story – Just seven years ago, the bishop of the next-door Syracuse RC diocese, Robert Cunningham, referred to an underage abuse victim as “culpable” in a courtroom deposition. Finally convinced that the “jig is up,” he’s ready to begin doling out parishioners’ cash. The Rochester diocese where I live still has not compensated victims. A spokesperson for the DoR said it’s “finalizing details” of its compensation program and will be announcing it soon. I was an altar boy for four years and, thankfully, none of the parish priests made advances towards me, but I could tell, even as a child, that they were strange men. My Catholic high school guidance counselor, an Irish Christian brother, did make subtle advances, but I just laughed in his face. The Irish Christian Brothers declared bankruptcy in 2011 after paying out $17 million to 400 victims.

Catholics are taught the consecrated communion bread wafer is literally Jesus Christ, so they bow down and kneel before it in worship. So sad.

This meeting of “evangelical leaders” with Ivanka (not Donald?) included Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Paula White, and Greg Laurie, ALL TBN regulars. I don’t often comment on politics, but this stuff nauseates me.

RCC conservatives have noted with dismay that Francis’ Vatican is quite friendly towards pro-abortion folks. Here’s another example. Thanks to Maria at Pilgrim’s Progress revisited – Christiana on the narrow way for this story.

There’s no Cracker Barrel on our side of town, so we have to make do with other options for Sunday post-church brunch.


15 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup – News & Views – 2/17/18

  1. Cracker Barrel paid my bills for several years during a rough time. We hated the church crowd. They tended to be somewhat rude, demanding and were generally lousy tippers. I was actually left a tract once that offered me “something more valuable than money.” That is certainly true but did little to bring me to Christ. In fact the opposite. Ironically I later got to meet one of the pastors who was among the worst, as he was one in our work. I had since come to faith despite the best efforts of way to many Christians to drive me away. We had a chat, he and I did. I suspect this old time preacher was rather shocked to get a teaching on Christian witness from a new believer.

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    1. Thanks, Wally. Your comments remind me of something I read just yesterday, which said that believers are the only advertisement/witness for Jesus that most unbelievers will ever encounter and we should conduct our lives accordingly. I’ve had a thought for many years that Christians relieve their guilt for not witnessing elsewhere by religiously leaving tracts for restaurant staff. I’m guessing that waitresses/waiters have been the recipients of the majority of tracts printed out.

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      1. Tom, I think what you said my be correct. I actually leave them myself when I remember to have some. I also only leave one if I also leave a nice tip. We actually tried an organized tract ministry at our church, but it sort of fizzled out. I used to put them everywhere LOL. My favorite place was the beer coolers at the convenience stores.

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      2. Thanks, Wally. Beer cooler? LOL. Good place! I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from leaving tracts at restaurants. I guess I was trying to say there are also other opportunities all around us throughout the day.


    1. I read the article, and now I understand his perspective a little bit better. It still leaves me feeling empty since it doesn’t go far enough to emphasize the love of God, through a personal, meaningful, relationship with Jesus Christ, by God’s grace through faith alone.

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      1. Francis regularly disparages his conservative critics with veiled slurs and that’s what I initially thought this was but I then saw he was aiming at secular targets. No, you’ll never hear Francis proclaim the genuine Gospel that you just did.


  2. Wow this current pope really is going to break Catholicism even in China. Its crazy to read of “woman bishop” in your area! What a crazy anarchy that Catholicism seems to be undergoing these days…

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      1. This Vatican deal with China ties in with what we were just discussing about shortsighted US policy regarding China and the Soviets during/post WWII. But I think Francis has an agenda in mind. It’s just my opinion but I think Francis is softening or even jettisoning some of Catholicism’s absolutes not only to recover lapsed Catholics and many of the “separated brethren” but also to make Catholicism more appealing in its interfaith “outreach.”

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