Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/10/18

Such ridiculous and dangerous nonsense! Gloria Copeland (photo above) and her husband and their “name it and claim it” kool-aid have nothing to do with Biblical Christianity.

Question: What exactly would the Catholic evangelization message be? Answer: If you attend RCIA classes for a year, get baptized, attend mass and receive the sacraments dutifully, hope, pray, and obey the Ten Commandments (impossible!), then maybe at the very end you MIGHT have a chance at meriting purgatory. Folks, that’s hardly Good News!

Pope Francis’s lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees has opened the door for people in other “irregular” situations. German cardinal, Reinhard Marx, suggests that Catholic priests should now consider blessing same-sex relationships liturgically. I suspect liberal priests are already marrying gay couples on the QT.

Conservative Polish Catholics have been deeply resentful that Polish Gentiles are never mentioned as victims of Hitler’s concentration camps. It is estimated that the Germans killed at least 1.9 million non-Jewish Polish civilians during World War II. They are also deeply resentful of claims (many substantiated) that some Catholic Poles were complicit in assisting the Nazis in their efforts to exterminate Jews. The Polish parliament has just passed a law criminalizing accusations of Polish complicity in the Holocaust, even in the face of historical evidence. In Poland, history isn’t history unless it’s hagiography. For an interesting book on how the Catholic church underwrote anti-Semitism in interwar Poland see “The Catholic Church and Antisemitism: Poland, 1933-1939” by Ronald Modras here.

The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, founded in 1843, is a Jesuit institution and an Atlantic Conference opponent of our local Rochester Institute of Technology Division 1 hockey team. Go Tigers! The increasingly politically incorrect nickname and mascot of the college hearken back to Catholicism’s more militant days. Only traditionalist priests still look back upon the murderous Catholic Crusades with unapologetic glowing approval. The purpose of some of the papal-approved crusades was to suppress Protestant “heresy.”

Oy vey! The liberal ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) has nothing to do with the Gospel.

This makes perfect sense. Catholicism is a syncretic mix of paganism and Christ-less (c)hristianity.

This is a slippery slope for conservative priests like Longenecker. Half of all Catholics support abortion, 80% don’t attend obligatory mass on Sunday, and 90% don’t go to mandatory yearly confession. After Longenecker got done excommunicating all the miscreants, there’d be no one left.

This article’s headline is misleading because certainly not ALL younger evangelicals are fascinated by Roman Catholicism. But, sadly, some people definitely are attracted to the temporal grandeur of the Roman church in comparison to evangelicalism’s simplicity. Some of that falls on the shoulders of evangelical pastors who no longer mention the history of the church, the Reformation, or the Five Solas. But it’s not about worldly grandeur, folks, it’s all about the Good News! of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. The Catholic church has its impressive architecture, ritual, pomp, and ceremony, but the Lord Jesus Christ had no place to lay His head in this world.

21 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/10/18

  1. The sad fact that so many “Christians” watch, follow, and give money to the Copelands and other greedy televangelists is a huge reason why thoughtful and observant outsiders ridicule the faith. And the gender nonsense happening in some churches is so unbelievable (well, it would have been a decade or two ago anyway) that one has to check if she’s actually reading the Babylon Bee.

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    1. LOL! What she really means is take that money that you would have spent on your family getting them flu shots and send it in to Kenneth Copeland Ministries so hubby can continue to fly in style.

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      1. We had some fun there, Tom, but this is a serious issue. I believe absolutely that God can heal, even miraculously. He has not stopped being God. Yet, science and medicine are gifts from Him for us to use today. This teaching that miracles are somehow tied to the strength of our faith or quality of it are dangerous. God does respond to faith, yet it’s not us that causes these things but His will.

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      2. Yes, I agree with all of your comments, Wally. I’m not discounting the Lord’s care and miraculous power, but I am discounting the Copeland’s “name it and claim it” heterodoxy.

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    1. Right, Hope. Catholicism’s salvation process “tract” would be 200 pages. Succinct explanations of the Catholic process of salvation on the internet are just about nonexistent. The shorthand is join the church and do what they tell you.

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      1. RE: “Catholicism’s salvation process “tract” would be 200 pages. Succinct explanations of the Catholic process of salvation on the internet are just about nonexistent.”–> Wow good point. When I evangelize to people who are really driven by works-righteous religion I often bring up a hypothetical situation of say they ran into a dying man in a road accident and in two minutes what would they preach to that person. Works based religion would go into all the details of legalism that exceed Scripture and there is no hope in 2 minutes to explain and to “do” to be saved. How much more precious should we see the Gospel: Trust in Jesus Christ alone to save us from our sins!

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      2. Your hypothetical situation is excellent and brings it back to the Biblical question, What must I do to be saved? The Gospel; so simple yet so profound! I’m really troubled when I hear Catholics speak about “sharing the Gospel” because their long legalistic laundry list is the exact opposite of Good News.

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      3. Exactly. The burden of self-justification by the law is heavy while Jesus’ yoke is light in light of justification by faith alone; and justification by faith alone is a powerful motivation for loving obedience to please Him rather than earn something

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      4. The Gospel is so simple and so amazingly appealing once the scales fall from your eyes, but so contrary to the natural man’s great need to justify himself.

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  2. That was irresponsible with what Gloria Copeland said. I think it is interesting to see from your round up the extreme polar wings of Catholicism where on the one hand you have LGBT affirming cardinal(s) and then you have conservative priests calling for lawmakers to be excommunicated for not banning the terrible partial birth abortion. It is also sad to read of apostate Protestants in this post with the mainline Lutherans becoming more out of line and out of the faith.

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    1. Thanks for reading and for the feedback! Copeland’s dismissal of the flu vaccine reminds me a little of Christian Science’s and the Watchtower Society’s cultish beliefs regarding medical helps. Yes, very wide extremes under big tent Catholicism. The RCC liberals are going to use Amoris Laetitia as a beachhead for all kinds of “progressive reforms.”

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      1. “Copeland’s dismissal of the flu vaccine reminds me a little of Christian Science’s and the Watchtower Society’s cultish beliefs regarding medical helps.”–>True, haven’t thought of that before. Very true.

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