Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 1/27/18

No, this isn’t a satirical piece, it’s real news. Who would give one, single, hard-earned penny to this con man?

Francis stumbled BADLY last week while on his trip to Chile when he labeled victims of clerical predators as “slanderers.” His underlings were busy this week rolling out damage control.

This is an interesting article from an unbeliever trying to understand the difference between Biblical Christianity and Catholicism. Actually, Christians don’t have a problem with James 2. If you’ve genuinely accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, fruit will follow. Works and charity are the fruit of salvation in Christ, not the basis of it.

Francis continues to flaunt all the rules to the great displeasure of conservative Catholics. But don’t think for a moment that he doesn’t have an agenda.

It wasn’t all that long ago that every Catholic-dominated nation had a clause in its constitution stipulating great privileges for the Catholic church and restrictions on Protestants.

Expect this long-ago controversy over pope Pius IX’s forcible abduction of Jewish boy, Edgardo Mortara, to heat up dramatically once again as Stephen Spielberg’s film draws closer to its release. Conservative Catholics do not tolerate any criticisms of their popes! Well, except for Francis.

LOL! You know that Catholicism has turned totally upside down when the National Catholic Reporter is the one defending the pope!

Regarding Francis’s reinterpretation of Scripture, so far the French and Italians say “Oui” and “Si,” while the Germans say “Nein.”

Great satirical piece from the Babylon Bee! Many/most Christians throughout the history of this country believed, as it was preached from their pulpits, that God was in a special covenant relationship with America.

p.s. If you see our oldest son, Joe, today, wish him a happy 43rd birthday! Wow! It seems like only yesterday.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 1/27/18

    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! Our little baby boy has grown up to be a great son and loving father, although we pray hard for him to someday accept Christ. Glad you have a Joe, too! That’s just one SOLID name! Thanks for reading the roundup! Yup, and double Oy to all of that crazy news!


  1. “Conservative Catholics do not tolerate any criticisms of their popes! Well, except for Francis.” What a fascinating observation which is so true. I really do wonder if there would be a schism if the Pope continues his direction…

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    1. Thanks, Jim. You really have to hand it to Francis for how he’s guilefully introducing these changes. It’s as if he’s opening the door just a crack which allows the liberal bishops to take the ball and run with it. The conservatives are shackled by their absolute loyalty to “Peter’s successor.” No doubt Francis and his advisors are navigating how far they can introduce reforms without pushing the conservatives over the edge to a point where they would split the church.

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