Decent DVD summary of differences between Biblical Christianity and Roman Catholicism

Reasons to Stand with the Reformation and Not Unite with Rome
Eric Barger, DVD, 2015, 53 minutes

Last week, I posted a message about a conversation that I had heard on Southwest Radio Ministries’ daily radio show regarding Mormonism. Out of curiosity, I checked SRM’s website to see if they offered any resources on Roman Catholicism. There weren’t very many (see here), but I did see “Reasons to Stand with the Reformation and Not Unite with Rome” from Eric Barger and Take a Stand Ministries. For some inexplicable reason, I thought this offering was a book and ordered it. Well, it turned out to be a DVD. Argh! No problem. My dumb error.

This DVD presentation is a low-tech-but-decent overview of the differences between Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity. Barger starts off by discussing the early Reformation and then briefly examines several anti-Biblical Catholic doctrines such as Mariolatry, praying to saints, image idolatry, transubstantiation, purgatory, and works justification.

The revealing centerpiece of the video is breakaway Anglican “bishop” and ecumenist, Tony Palmer’s presentation at a conference for Pentecostal/Charismatic ministers hosted by Kenneth Copeland on January 21, 2014. Copeland is one of the main propagators of the “name it and claim it,” word of faith, prosperity false gospel. In his presentation, Palmer declared that he had come in the spirit of Elijah and John the Baptist to reconcile the children (evangelical Protestants) with their father (pope Francis). He proclaimed that the “protest is over” and it was now time for Protestants to put aside doctrinal disagreements and “unite with” (i.e., submit to) the pope and Catholicism. Palmer then produced a cell phone video of pope Francis making the same appeal. If you have never seen this presentation before, you need to. The compromise and betrayal of the Gospel is stunning and will take your breath away. Of course, a good case could be made that Palmer, Copeland, and many of the “name it and claim it” ministers who were in attendance at this conference were not genuinely saved.

This DVD is a decent introductory overview of the errors of Rome and of the demonic spirit of Scripture-defying ecumenism that’s currently infiltrating the church. Order from Southwest Radio Ministries here.

Large portions of “Reasons to Stand with the Reformation and Not Unite with Rome” are available via the two You Tube videos below. Judas Tony Palmer’s appeal begins at the 6:00 mark on the second video.



32 thoughts on “Decent DVD summary of differences between Biblical Christianity and Roman Catholicism

      1. A tough day last night, Tammy came home and the lady that I had witnessed and her hubby said to Tammy that I was suicidal and talking of Heaven and too much time on my hands . Tammy lit into me that I need to live Christ not preach it and that should come and ask. They have been my friends since shortly after my fall but I was always to scared to talk to them but last week I felt God was giving me courage to talk to them. Now I do feel suicidal, wow.

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      2. I’ll be praying for your friends, Harold. It’s spiritual warfare. They are blinded by darkness and flee from the light of the Gospel. Yes, it’s important that we live Christ but we must also give out the Gospel. Praying for you all.

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    1. Thanks, Jimmy. Kenneth Copeland. Oy, what a dangerous charlatan. I’ve got a news clip about him for this weekend’s news roundup. BTW, ecumenical matchmaker, Tony Palmer, died in a motorcycle accident only seven months after the Copeland conference. He was a major catalyst in the Rome-Pentecostal convergence. His death may have slowed the process down a bit but the momentum continues. The video of him at Copeland’s conference pressing for “reunion” with Rome is easily one of the most spiritually disturbing things I have ever seen.

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  1. You may know that my dad in law passed away Jan 8th-I had struggled about going back into that building during that time. I BELIEVE the Lord allowed me to go back in and for some VERY good reasons…the first one to pray for the lost listening to and believing the “vomit” being spewed out of that “priests” mouth- second a refresher on why I was brought out of “her”- and a few other reasons. It has been busy here since his passing BUT I am working on a post with The Lord’s guidance to share that experience that I am blessed HE led me through and GOT me through! ❤
    I am very blessed to have had prayers said that were answered while I dealt with this!

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    1. Yes, I was saddened for you and your husband to hear of the passing of your father in law. I sympathize with you. Dealing with his passing was hard enough but then having to sit through the false rituals makes things even harder. I am looking forward to your post! Praise the Lord our Shepherd for guiding us through the dark valleys!

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  2. *That should have said BEFORE that time not “during”. It was literally almost a 4 year struggle that The Lord allowed me to deal with and be shown some things from Him!

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