Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/23/17

Conservative Catholics are becoming bolder and more aggressive in their attacks against pope Francis, but their blind fidelity to their institutional religion prevents them from suggesting schism. To order “The Dictator Pope,” see here.

It’s no secret that Catholicism’s rule of celibacy for its clergy both attracts and fosters deviancy. For almost two decades, the Vatican has talked about putting the organizational infrastructure in place to deal decisively with its pedophile priest “problem,” yet continues to blunder its way through this tragedy.

The Catholic church prescribes a long list of various indulgences to shorten time spent in fictional purgatory, either for one’s self or for deceased loved ones. But most Catholics don’t bother with this type of detailed works religiosity anymore. I’m guessing that 70%-80% of Catholics have no clue what “plenary indulgence” means.

A warning to evangelicals: The Bible speaks quite clearly against turning to Egypt for help or compromising with the Baal (Lord) religion of the Canaanites, yet many evangelicals eagerly embrace the pope and his false gospel of sacramental grace and merit.

Catholicism’s celibacy rule both attracts and fosters deviancy. I was a member of the Roman Catholic church for 27 years and it was clear to me and my Catholic family and friends that a significant percentage of the priests and brothers we encountered were effeminate.

I certainly condemn all hate groups, but was there anything going on in Catholic Europe in the early 20th-century (and prior) which may have triggered fear of Catholics and Catholicism like, say, the Vatican’s condemnation of all democratic forms of government and freedom of religion? Why is that never written about?

I believe the Lord intervened to reestablish the nation of Israel in 1948. And I can’t help but feel that President Trump’s recent decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital could possibly play a very significant role in future events. Palestinians feel they are getting the short end of the stick in all of this. Most everyone anticipates increasing tensions in the Middle East because of the U.S. moving its embassy to Jerusalem. Why is it that the entire world revolves around a little country no larger than New Jersey?

Jesus said no one is good but God, yet Catholicism is based on the notion that people can become good enough to merit Heaven. While pope Francis has said even atheists can merit Heaven if they follow their conscience, he still needs warm bodies in the pews and ca$h flowing into the offering plates to keep the institution viable.

25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/23/17

  1. The first thing that came to me before I got fully into the article titled “Popes before Francis would have rejected his teaching on marriage: EWTN priest” was they bind themselves up! I didn’t even finish reading it! SO SAD!

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      1. Yes, it will all come crumbling down. It’s all built on a lie. What’s frustrating, as I’m sure you’ve also noticed, is how many believers embrace it as a Christian entity.

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      2. Think of how many have stumbled because of the “protestants” “new” way of thinking with out listening to God’s Holy Spirit. WOW just WOW!

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  2. It really is a blessing to have the Lord open our eyes! Looking at all their “art work” that I once thought was so beautiful has become almost revolting to me!

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    1. We attended a small Southern Baptist church for one year after I returned to the Lord in 2014. The young pastor just out of seminary was completely enamored with Catholicism’s grandiose architecture and religious art. He felt Protestant churches were so plain and uninspiring. That and his love of Catholic theologians made our short stay at that church increasingly uncomfortable.


      1. I told the young pastor, “After coming out of Catholicism with all of its pompous ritualism, the plainer the church building the better.” He looked at me like I was out of my mind.

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  3. LOL! What he didn’t or doesn’t know is that he is out of his mind-or should I say un~likeminded with The Lord? I felt the same way as far as the plainer the better!!!!

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    1. That young pastor was spiritually blinded. He was so enamored with Catholicism he should have just padlocked the door and sent everyone to the large Catholic church down the road. But it’s not just him. A lot of evangelical churches are now cozying up to Rome.


      1. WOW! It is yet another sad day when they are coming out of the seminary almost MORE lost 9I guess you are either lost or you are not but you know what I meant?) then when they went in!
        Yes they are I am SO seeing it 😦

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      2. I’m just guessing but we could probably count on our hands and feet the number of seminaries in America that aren’t pushing ecumenism with Rome to their students.

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  4. “I believe the Lord intervened to reestablish the nation of Israel in 1948”

    Well, of course I agree with that statement, and your “why,” question at the end is an excellent one. Why, in deed. I am, however, distressed that there are still Christians who deny the role of Israel in the future or that God still has a special place for them. Just the other day I read something on a Christian blog that proposed the people currently residing in Israel might not actually be Jews. Ugh. God made a covenant with His chosen people that was NOT conditional(as some were.) He will fulfill that Covenant. Period.

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    1. Thanks, Wally. Yes, I’ve also encountered sources over the years that accused the Jewish people of being illegitimate, quasi-Jews. Really whacko stuff. The British-Israelists like the Armstrongites who we’ve discussed before really push that dumb theory.

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      1. Anti Semitism is alive and well. I recall in the Gulf War a friend of mine, We had a Patriot Missile Battalion on Riyadh to protect the facilities there, and that is where I was, with them. We also had one in Tel Aviv to protect those assets and keep Israel from stepping in. My friend was there, and was a quit anti Jewish Catholic. Honestly, I think it chapped his hind parts to have to do that.

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    1. You’re welcome, Jim! Thanks for reading! Regarding the article on the gay priest, there’s already an unspoken realization among Catholics that “father” is a often bit on the soft side. So when this particular priest confirmed what parishioners already suspected, they received his news with enthusiasm to show themselves that they were “accepting” and “tolerant.”

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