Just one example of how conservative Catholics are mobilizing against pope Francis’ heresy

Roman Catholicism is somewhat in crisis mode with pope Francis’ abrogation of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees in his “Amoris Laetitia” document. Pragmatic Francis was obviously trying to make the church more welcoming to divorcees, but his overturning of doctrine previously held to be infallible has conservative Catholics in an uproar. They object to this pope retracting a dogmatic teaching of the church. Catholics have always boasted that their popes were incapable of leading the church into doctrinal error, but Francis has defied that foundational belief by guilefully changing an infallible dogma previously taught by infallible popes via a footnote.

Several Catholics have written to this blog attempting to portray this crisis as “no big deal,” but they belie the increasingly outspoken defiance and desperation of Francis’ conservative critics.

Today, I was listening to the 12/21/17 podcast of the “Calling All Catholics” talk radio show (The Station of the Cross, 101.7 FM, Buffalo, NY) and moderator, Steve Quebral, announced that as of January 3rd, 2018, the show would take on a new format with a new name; “The Catholic Current.” The mission of the new show is described as “to bring the power of faith and reason to the confusion of the day.” The station’s website offers even more details:

“The Catholic Current will focus on facing contemporary areas of confusion, presenting current events that manifest that confusion, and proclaiming the truth that alleviates that confusion and brings life. Our moderator, Jim Havens, and our Priest Hosts present the timeless truths of Divine Revelation in a compelling way to further form and fortify the audience in the exact areas where truth is currently under the greatest assault and to offer a model for thinking and speaking the truth in love to those who hold popular errors. We will also stay up-to-date on points of confusion expressed by our listeners (via surveys) and keep these concerns in mind, speaking to these concerns consistently and appropriately, as we address various topics.”

I realize the show won’t be limited to rebutting Francis every day, but it’s clear that the conservative, EWTN-types are mobilizing to counter the pragmatic “reforms” of the pope and his supporters. It’s amazing to watch Catholic conservatives having to scramble to counteract the heresy of a sitting pope!

Stay tuned as we watch this mounting crisis unfold.

Catholic friend, there is an unchanging Rock to place your faith and trust in and His name is Jesus Christ!

13 thoughts on “Just one example of how conservative Catholics are mobilizing against pope Francis’ heresy

      1. There maybe to much infighting that they will not see the true God. Evangelicals also have infighting that blinds them too. My prayer daily that all these would put it all aside and let God shine through

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      2. Thanks. Conservative Catholics and Francis’ reform-minded wing are locked in this bitter feud, but they agree that salvation must earned through the sacraments dispensed by the church. The RCC can’t afford to embrace the genuine Gospel of grace because that would be its demise.

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      3. Locked in their self interests and blinded to look outside their box, which in the end , they will haul many down to a Christ-less eternity

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  1. I’m watching this development through your blog. With each passing day it seems these Catholic conservative sounding “Protestant,” maybe not in terms of justification but being critical of the Pope. Ironic…

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