What’s stopping me from becoming Catholic? Do you have an hour?

I listen to Catholic talk radio every day, which some may think very strange given the nature of this blog, but I do like to keep up with the latest news and views regarding Roman Catholicism.

One Catholic talk show that I occasionally catch is “Called to Communion” on the EWTN radio network, hosted by apologist, David Anders. The main purpose of the show is to try to persuade Protestants to convert to Catholicism and their slogan is, “What is stopping you from becoming Catholic?,” which is regularly repeated during the advertising slots.

What’s stopping me from becoming Catholic? Actually, I WAS a Catholic from 1956 until 1983 – 27 years. But through the reading of God’s Word, I was able to see the many errors of Catholic doctrine and I left. The Holy Spirit then used Scripture, people, and situations to lead me to Jesus Christ. I repented of my sins and accepted Christ as my Savior by faith alone in 1983. Praise the Lord for freeing me from the chains of Roman legalism and ritualism!

What’s stopping me from returning to the chains of Roman Catholicsm? Argh! What a question! It’s an impossibility! I would choose death over going back to Roman blindness. Who would willingly leave spiritual life and freedom in Jesus Christ for spiritual death and chains? A genuine believer could never even consider such a choice. Does not compute.

Here’s a list of Catholic doctrines/practices in brief that prevent me and should prevent anyone else from considering Roman Catholicism.

  • The teaching of salvation by sacramental grace and merit rather than Biblical salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
  • No assurance of salvation because it is merit-based.
  • Priests. Priestly sacrifice was done away with by Jesus Christ. There were no priests in the New Testament church.
  • Transubstantiation. Priests claim to change bread wafers and wine into the literal body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ.
  • Worshipping consecrated bread wafers.
  • Veneration/worship of relics.
  • The sacrifice of the mass. Sacrifice for sin was finished by Jesus Christ.
  • Purgatory.
  • Indulgences.
  • Confessing sins to a priest.
  • The promotion of extreme forms of self-mortification, including self-inflicted physical pain, as forms of penance and discipline.
  • Venerating/worshiping Mary and the saints.
  • Praying to Mary and the saints.
  • Rampant idolatrous statuary in every Catholic church.
  • Rote prayers.
  • Sacramentals – holy water, candles, rosaries, crucifixes, scapulars, etc. – used as good luck charms.
  • Prohibition of non-abortifacient contraceptives.
  • Papal infallibility (although many conservative Catholics now consider Francis to be a fallible heretic).
  • Church traditions taking precedence over or even contradicting God’s Word.
  • A dizzying labyrinth of 1752 Canon Laws and 2865 numbered paragraphs in Catholicism’s official catechism.
  • The annulment of marriages as if they never took place.
  • The church as an institution rather than the spiritual body of believers. Through most of its history, the Catholic church was focused on wordly wealth and power and the absolute control of its membership, often through intimidation and even violence.
  • The separation and elevation of the clergy over the laity, including the rule of celibacy (which attracts and promotes sexual perversion), and the great pride in their competing religious orders, S.J., O.C.D., O.F.M., O.P., etc., etc..
  • Doctrinal turnaround. Catholics were once condemned to hell for eating meat on non-Lenten Fridays and attending a Protestant church service.
  • The obsession with calendrical solemnities, feasts, and memorials as if God ranks one day over another.
  • The designation of certain sites as holy shrines that allegedly endow visitors with blessings.
  • The ostentatious riches, pomp, and ceremony that permeate Catholicism while Jesus Christ had nowhere to lay His head.
  • In stark contrast to its thick catalogue of exacting laws and rituals that it imposes upon its membership, Rome decrees that non-Catholics of all religions and even atheists may merit Heaven if they ambiguously “follow the light they are given.” That is NOT Christianity!

What’s stopping me from becoming a Catholic? The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and God’s Word! Praise God Almighty for leading me out of Catholic prison to salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone!

Postscript: I have attended several “services” at Catholic churches over the last 34 years – weddings and funerals of family and friends – and my soul was so grieved by the anti-Biblical lies. David Anders tries to persuade Protestants to join Catholicism, while his church is leaking members like a sieve according to its own statistics. Only 20 percent of Catholics attend obligatory mass every Sunday!

15 thoughts on “What’s stopping me from becoming Catholic? Do you have an hour?

  1. We keep getting their “Christ Is Hope” magazine for the same reason you watch and listen to their “shows”. Remember back in the day the slogan “Catholics Come Home” that is exactly what they were doing then-roping those that had walked away because The Lord led them away . Apparently they believe they are bigger and know more then God??? Also to rope new converts! I am still astonished how many have gone back in (or have been tricked by Lucifer to convert) when The Good and Gracious HOLY Lord beckoned me out!
    I started thinking this a.m. about the “mass” and how that word alone should keep us out of “her”. CREEPY!
    My dad in law is going to succumb to cancer real soon and as much as I do NOT want to I will have to sit through the dark, babble and grieve, too. I will be a proverbial “Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego”. I will not follow their lead. I will be praying and let God’s Holy Spirit move upon me. I will need prayers…my dad in law needs prayer too…

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    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. Once a person has genuinely accepted Christ and been freed from Catholicism’s chains, the thought of returning to it is as appealing as dining on another person’s vomit, excuse my analogy. I’m sorry for your father-in-law’s failing health and I will continue to pray for him. I will pray for you and your husband, also, and the rest of your family as you all go through this ordeal. May the Lord use this sad time to soften hearts towards His abundant grace.

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    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! Yes, those of us who came out of Roman darkness are grieved by those souls who remain behind, by those who are ensnared and enter in by their own accord, and by evangelicals who foolishly embrace it.

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  3. Excellent post! What’s stopping me from becoming Catholic? Simple. I have tasted of the Lord’s goodness through faith in Jesus Christ, and in Him alone. I don’t want universalism where anything goes, and you can collect your own arrangement of different gods and goddesses. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus, born-again by the Holy Spirit, and redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. The Father has only one way to Him, by simple faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. His righteousness is a gift to me, just as it was for Abraham, who also believed in the coming Messiah – Jesus of Nazareth.

    May the Holy Spirit convict you of your need for Jesus if you consider yourself to be Catholic. His conviction brings life, and this life is only found in Jesus of Nazareth – by faith in Him, and by faith in Him, alone.

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    1. Thank you, David! It’s ironic that you had mentioned Universalism because I had just added Rome’s belief in Universal redemption for non-Catholics and even atheists to the list.

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    1. Thanks, Jim. I had heard the show’s appeal, “What is stopping you from becoming Catholic,” many times and each time it riled me. It proved to be good motivation for a post.
      Thanks for the suggestion! I will add it to my links.

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      1. I know I said it earlier but I’m seriously glad you wrote this post where in one post you summarized the points of why we shouldn’t be Catholic. Glad God worked through that show’s selling point to have you write this!

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      2. Thanks, Jim. I’m sure you’ve preached a few sermons about how the Lord takes us on journeys and sometimes has us “jump through hoops” for what seems like no good reason at the time, but then we can look back and see we were accumulating experience and knowledge to be able to assist others who are on the same path we already traveled.

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