Moses and the Catholic mass

After being raised in Catholicism, I began to drift away from the church in my teen years, even though the high school I attended was Catholic. But after marriage and the birth of our two boys, I felt an obligation to raise our children in the church, so I began attending mass again. At the same time, I was reading the New Testament in my Catholic Bible, but I was having an increasingly difficult time reconciling Catholic doctrine with Scripture. Although it was many years ago, I do recall the Book of Hebrews being the final straw for me; especially the passages about the limitations of human priests, Jesus’ once-for-all sacrifice for sin, and how Jesus is now seated at the right hand of the Father. These truths did not square with Catholicism’s perpetual sacrifice of the mass in which priests allegedly sacrifice their wafer Jesus for sin 350,000 times daily on Catholic altars around the world. After much internal turmoil, I finally stopped attending mass and I eventually accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior by faith alone a couple of years later.

The Old Testament is filled with wonderful foreshadowings of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Christ alone. One of the most amazing is the account of Moses striking the rock in Exodus 17:1-7. God commanded Moses, who represents the Law, to strike the rock at Horeb so that it would bring forth water for the thirsty Israelites. When the Israelites complained again about no water at Meribah in Numbers 20:2-13, God commanded Moses to speak to the rock, but instead Moses struck the rock twice in anger because of the Israelites’ complaints. Because of his disobedience, Moses was not allowed to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. That job would go to a fellow by the name of Joshua (translated as Jesus in Greek).

The symbolism is extraordinary. Jesus Christ is the Rock of living waters (1 Cor. 10:4) and He died (was struck) once as a perfect sacrifice for sin because sinful man could not meet the requirements of the Law. God’s salvation flowed out to all men through Christ as a free gift that they receive by faith alone. Jesus cannot be sacrificed (struck) again. Everyone must repent of their sins and come to Christ in prayerful supplication (speaking) to Him and accept Him as Savior. Jesus exclaimed, “It is finished,” with His dying breath. There is no more sacrifice for sin. The sacerdotal priesthood was abolished. The Temple veil in Jerusalem was rent in two from top to bottom by the Lord at the moment of Christ’s death. Men now have direct access to the Father through the mediation of the resurrected Son. The Law (Moses) cannot bring people to salvation. It is Joshua/Jesus who leads all those who trust in Him to salvation!

Catholics insist they do not “repeat” Jesus’ sacrifice at Calvary with the mass, but claim to “re-present” the exact same sacrifice over and over. This is sophistry! Sacrifice for sin is done and Jesus now sits at the right hand of the Father, not on Catholic altars. But without sacrifice, there is no need for priests, so the fraudulent mass continues.

As I was driving to work yesterday morning, I was prayerfully mulling over what to write for the next post and the thought came to me that I should write something once again about how Moses’ striking of the rock in disobedience has similarities to the anti-Biblical perpetual sacrifice of the Catholic mass. While I was still driving, a pastor on the Christian radio station I was listening to started preaching on Numbers 20 and Moses striking the rock. Hmm, what a coincidence. When I got to work, I put on my headset and listened to a video that was recently posted by fellow WordPress Christian blogger, Hope. Of course, it also turned out to be a sermon on Numbers 20 and Moses striking the rock! See here. Wow! Some Catholic really needs to hear about Moses and the anti-Biblical mass today! Thanks, Hope!

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  1. Great post. Being a social worker I get to see a lot of things that give me real and true insights into what may be going on with any certain situation, One of the areas I specialize in happens to be sexual abuse. I was a foster parent for 5 years , and had around 50 abused teens in total,, six at a time. I was working for Father Flanagan’s at the time and I was fresh of college for social work and still working through my brother committing suicide just a few months earlier. His death was very hard because I learned in my training, and in college that his death was directly linked to him being groomed and doomed by a catholic pedo-priest. It was several years he worked on my brother in high school and then after his death i found a box he had left for us to see I am sure . It was full of letters, romantic in nature with sayings like ” I miss your touch{‘ and things like that. I thought I had the puzzle solved .. he and his girl must have broken up or something.. Sadly as I scanned down to the bottom of the pages, the signature looked like this;

    Father Al Gondek

    That was his high school priest and my brother, as many victims do, decided he could not live with that memory anymore.

    As I spent years in the group homes with the sexually abused kids I got the opportunity to see the Catholic church from the inside out. You see the place I worked wass Father Flanagans’ Boys Town.
    Fast forward 20 years and I have an entirely new understanding of the catholic church. You mentioned scripture being manipulated and the church making their own rules. If that was truly just a difference in doctrine, ot would be one thing; And if there were only ” a few bad apples that are pedo-priests”
    Well, now I know much differently about the catholic church as it is run and directed by vatican guidelines. The catholic church is not a christian church art all . If you took at God’s word, and your job was to pervert, counter fit cheat that word, you would see a picture of the catholic church. I believe that for almost everything God made good on this earth, one of satan’s goals is to simply pervert, exploit and pollute those good things. The catholic church openly admits in their Bishops accountability website that the number of priests currently under investigation for molesting children is 28k.. The pope himself has been preaching that we should not be so hard on pedophile priests… The church alone has paid ot 6 BILLION dollars pay victims off so they won’t testify. The very same priest who molested my own brother was just busted last year ( 20 years after my brother died) for molesting 7 boys over two years at the NC church he worked at. The high ups in the church found he was guilty! Amen- Right! He will finally go to jail. ]\
    Nope. The catholic church has it sown up with law enforcement that the church will handle all investigations of that nature,and btw Chief, can we donate 300,000$ this year for the police mans ball?
    So the catholic organization is not a misguided, bad judges of scripture and all that. Every bit of ” fruit ” that we as Christians are supposed to have flowing from us like love, patience , kindness , and all those do NOT exist in the organization. They are willingly supporting pedophia and unashamedly by the way. Just a few months ago a well known bishop in the catholic church publicly petitioned the public to consider hsi solution for all the bad press about the constant activity going on in child molestaiton,. He, with a straight face, no joking, no shame at all, said he proposes we change the age of consensual sex between a priest and an altar boy or any others they can get their hands on. From now on, if a priest is caught with his pants down and the little boys pants down, as long as the kid is 7 years old- its ruled consensual……I am not making this up. In other words he was saying hey if you get molested by a priest and participate and you are 7 or older, its a mutual decision,

    Anyhow I could go on about the idols in the church like Mary and the saints who are worshipped and many others. I guess the point of all this ids to say there is no way, in my opinion that when dealing with the catholic church we are dealing with a good hearted group who is just misguided on some issues.
    No, there is a huge difference between being misguided,and absolutely having no respect for anything God said is sacred, and I am not afraid to say that I believe the catholic church is run and organized by the angel of light himself- satan and his minions. Its too calculated directly in opposition to be anything else. The activities of the catholic church reek of the pit of hell.


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    1. TJ, Thank you for your comments. I’m very sorry about your brother. It’s so tragic that millions were led to despair, both emotionally and spiritually, by the Catholic system. Unfortunately, many evangelical Christians today consider Catholicism to be a Christian entity, although a bit quirky. But at its core, Catholicism teaches a different gospel of sacramental grace and merit.

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      1. I can’t say I’ve visited that site often, but I was grateful it had the reference. It took some digging to find one. Many of the books I have on Catholicism that cite these passages are older and I suspect as we continue to head down the road of ecumenism, it will be harder and harder to find citations of this online.

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  2. How do you explain the Mass that was celebrated by the Apostles, as described in Acts (see Acts 15) and the early Church fathers? Acts 15:22 even mentions the Apostles and the “presbyters” e.g. priests. Justin Martyr wrote (ca. AD 150) to the Roman emperor in an effort to explain that Christianity was not a barbarous religion, but rather a religion of faith. That faith was expressed in the prayers and actions of the Mass.

    John 6 is all about the Eucharistic feast. And when the two disciples were walking to Emmaus and were joined on their journey by an unrecognizable Jesus, his actions were exactly the same as the actions that transpire in the Mass. He first spoke the word (for us, that is the readings in the Mass), he then explained the meaning (the homily), and when they got to Emmaus he further joined them in breaking the bread, which is when they recognized their traveling companion (see Luke 24).

    The Mass is indeed a re-presentation of the sacrifice of Jesus. It is historical and has been handed down to the present day from the Apostles themselves. If you want to find the true Church as instituted by Jesus Christ himself, then four marks must necessarily be present, that is, the Church must be one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. See the link for the essay by Ken Whitehead:


    1. I’ve already provided all the necessary information. I’m really not interested in exchanges in which I know all the information I present will be dismissed before I even send it.


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