Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/18/17

Conservative Catholics are convinced Francis is a heretic after he lifted the ban on communion for remarried divorcees. Are they waiting to see if the next pope continues 80-year-old Francis’ errors before they consider schism? How do they reconcile remaining in an institution run by a heretic who teaches heresy?

Duck Commander, Phil Robertson, appeared on EWTN (Catholic cable network) in an expression of ecumenical unity. Robertson belongs to the Church of Christ denomination, which is evidently trying to figure out if it still believes in baptismal regeneration as it once strongly proclaimed.

Last weekend, I posted a denial from the Vatican regarding any plans for an “ecumenical rite of mass.” But I had also surmised that Catholics and liberal Lutherans were busy behind the scenes working on the next steps to full reunification (i.e., Roman reabsorption). Here you go.

Hmm, another story about anti-Catholicism in early America, which again begs the question, “Were there any conditions in Europe that might have prompted early American Protestants to be fearful and mistrustful of the pope and Roman Catholicism?” Just askin’.

I’m not a fan or defender of Roy Moore, but it’s interesting how a wacky statement from one of Moore’s backers is claimed to represent the thinking of ALL “Southern Evangelicals.”

In opposition to the spread of socialism and communism in Europe during the 20th- century, the Catholic church allied itself with far-right fascist political groups in various countries (e.g., Spain, Portugal, Italy, Vichy France, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Slovakia, Croatia). I studied Polish history and culture extensively for about ten years (I’m half-Polish) and one of the more interesting aspects is how the Polish Catholic church became the repository of nationalism during the time of the partitions and during Soviet rule. Because of the nation’s history, the Catholic church in Poland still supports extremist political groups that tend to dabble in Jewish conspiracy theories to explain the country’s ills. The immigration of Muslims into Western Europe has raised many concerns and Poles want none of it.

I often close the Weekend Roundup with some satire from The Babylon Bee. This article on prosperity gospel shyster, Paula White, is close enough. Methinks White “led” Trump to the prosperity gospel’s “jackpot jesus,” not to the Jesus Christ of the Bible.

I wish a “Happy Thanksgiving” to all my readers! I hope you all have a wonderful time with family and friends this coming Thursday as you gather around the table to thank the Lord for His grace and provisions. I’m not a big fan of “holidays” and I know the vast majority of Americans are unbelievers who view Thanksgiving as a day off from work to enjoy turkey dinner and NFL football. We Christians can be thankful to our Lord and Savior every day from the moment we open our eyes in the morning. Thank you, Jesus! Praise God for all His blessings! I pray the Lord will use us this week to speak to lost acquaintances, friends, and family members of His great salvation!

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      1. That’s true. By the way in my time with the Marines I served alongside Polish forces several different times both in Iraq and Europe and I respect their professionalism. It seems their geography has shaped their need for a professional force that is hungry to keep improving.

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