Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 9/30/17

The relics of Italian “saint,” Padre Pio (aka Francesco Forgione, d. 1968), are currently touring the U.S. Thousands of the Catholic faithful will venerate these relics (a glove, crusts of his stigmata (!), cotton gauze with his bloodstains, a lock of hair, his mantle, and a handkerchief soaked with sweat in the hours before he died) and seek the intercession of this popular saint. The nuns at my Catholic grammar school were quite enthralled with this priest and “mystic” who was allegedly marked by the “stigmata” or Christ’s crucifixion wounds and who also claimed to be able to bi-locate and levitate. Award-winning historian, Sergio Luzzatto, researched the Vatican’s archives on Pio and concluded the priest was a complete fraud in his book, “Padre Pio: Miracles and Politics in a Secular Age.” See here.

For the first time since this “Amoris Laetitia” contoversy began, conservative Catholics are discussing “schism” as a possible option to pope Francis’ lifting of the ban on communion for remarried divorcees.

Conservative Catholic media conglomerate, EWTN, bids Protestants and lapsed Catholics to “come home” to the church, but which church? Should they return to the church run by heretic Francis or should they wait until the EWTN-types break away and create their own wildcat organization? The genuine Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone is not preached at either end of the Catholic spectrum.

The Catholic mass has to be one of the most boring hours a person ever had to sit through and there’s little that church-growth marketing consultants like Judas evangelical, Rick Warren, can do to change that. Catholics are obligated to attend mass every Sunday under pain of eternal damnation but only 22% of the membership comply. Who can blame them when pope Francis says even atheists can merit Heaven if they “follow their conscience,” whatever that means.

I see that the Catholic diocese of Rochester where I live recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. That’s 150 years of Rochesterians being taught a false gospel. When I was a boy, the bishop lived ostentatiously like a king on East Avenue, the preferred neighborhood of the city’s industrial barons. See here. Rochester was part of the Buffalo diocese prior to 1868.

Catholic dioceses throughout the Northeast Rust Belt are closing or consolidating churches because of the shortage of priests and bodies in the pews.

Marky Mark is one of those rare Catholic celebrities who wears his religion on his shirt sleeve, when he’s not acting in R-rated movies. Stephen Colbert and Patricia Heaton are two other proud Catholic celebrities who come to mind. For these folks, like all Catholics, the church institution and its labyrinthine religious system are preeminent, with Jesus Christ buried somewhere under all the rituals, ceremonies, and traditions.

I could have told them that. Catholic seminaries were both magnets and incubators of perversion.

Quite often, I will end the weekend roundup with a satirical piece from the Babylon Bee, but this article on prosperity gospel purveyor and anti-trinitarian, T.D. Jakes, serves just as well.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 9/30/17

  1. What a round up l, brother! I so appreciate the work you put into this. I was very interested to see the bit about the Pope downsizing. One of the arguments I’ve heard Catholics use in defending the pope is that he lives in a tiny apartment, not a huge lavish home.

    The stigmata thing concerns me, do you think it’s mostly falsified or demonic?

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    1. Thank you, sister! I’m guessing a good percentage of cardinals and bishops still live lavishly despite Francis’ PR efforts.

      I used to dismiss all of the Catholic claims of apparitions and miracles as cases of falsification, mental illness, or individual/group religious hysteria, but I now believe that demonic activity is also involved in some instances. In Pio’s case, the historian I mention discovered the priest used to purchase carbolic acid.

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    1. Yes, it’s quite an irony! These EWTN-type Catholics would rather drink poison than be disloyal to a pope, but Francis’ is doing the unthinkable. From Francis’ perspective, so many divorced members were being alienated by the communion ban that the status quo wasn’t tenable.

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      1. ” so many divorced members were being alienated by the communion ban that the status quo wasn’t tenable.”<–That's a good point. I think this along with other evidences are indicators that this current pope is a major man-pleaser.

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      2. Just my opinion but I think Francis is “bending” and minimizing Catholic doctrine not only to stanch the exodus of marginal Catholics but also to make Catholicism less dogmatic in relationship to the “separated brethren” and the non-(c)hristian religions. Popes have been planning on uniting all religions under Rome’s banner for almost 60 years but the doctrinalism espoused by “old-school” popes, Paul VI, JPII, and Benedict XVI, was a self-defeating impediment to unification.

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    1. Your very welcome, sister! I’d like to read Luzzatto’s book. Just checked our local library system and they do have a copy, always a good thing when I can read for free!

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      1. That’s awesome, I didn’t even think about trying the local library for some of the books on my list! Especially since we travel to a new place every couple months, I’ve been given a limit to how many books I can keep by the one who does all the heavy lifting. Thanks, brother!

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  2. As an ex catholic christian it has always upset me re the padre pio stuff as in the 1981 Hunger Strike Ireland there is a foto of an image of him on the wall in one of the cells… When I think of our Irish martyrs – young men dying for freedom and they didnt realise the enemy was actually the Jesuits and Catholicism itself not just brit imperialism. All religion is screwed but Catholicism takes the award for pure evilness and deception. It is spiritual bondage & extricating oneself from all the madness one grew up in is a lifetime journey… Glad i found your page as this ‘I could have told them that. Catholic seminaries were both magnets and incubators of perversion.’ is so true… The nuns priests brothers the catholic upbringing the abuse us kids endured still haunts us…

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