62 Catholic scholars and clergy send letter to pope Francis accusing him of “propagating heresies”

I’ve been posting updates on the “Amoris Laetitia” crisis just about every Saturday on my Weekend Roundup, but this latest development is too important to postpone.

In April 2016, pope Francis published his “Amoris Laetitia” apostolic exhortation, which touched on marriage and family life. Buried in the document are two now-famous footnotes, #s 329 and 351, which seem to allow communion to remarried divorcees based upon a priest’s discretion. The ban on communion for remarried divorcees was alienating a large percentage of the church’s membership and Francis pragmatically and craftily used “Amoris Laetitia” to dismiss doctrine previously held to be infallible through its ambiguously worded directives. Four conservative cardinals subsequently petitioned Francis, asking him to clarify what appeared to be an abrogation of infallible doctrine. Francis did not respond to the initial petition or its follow-up.

Last night, Catholic news services reported that 62 Catholic scholars and clergy had sent a “Filial Correction” to Francis on August 11th. Because Francis once again had not responded, the letter was made public today (see here). Based on his “Amoris” exhortation, the petition accuses Francis of supporting “heretical positions about marriage, the moral life, and the Eucharist that are causing a host of ‘heresies and other errors’ to spread throughout the Catholic Church.”

What is a Catholic to do? An “infallible” pope has overturned doctrine held to be “infallible” by previous “infallible” popes. Priests and theologians faithful to Catholic teaching are accusing the current pope of being a heretic, all of this contradicting boasts of the past that a pope could never lead the church into error! Despite counsel to the membership from bishops and priests to “remain calm and trust in the church,” this predicament cannot be ignored.

Catholic friend, rather than trusting in your institutional church with its copious man-made rituals and traditions and clearly fraudulent claims to infallibility, place your trust in the unchangeable Rock, Jesus Christ. Repent of your sins. Ask Jesus Christ to save you by faith alone and then ask the Lord to lead you to an evangelical fellowship in your area that teaches God’s Word without compromise. Your church is in extremely deep crisis. God is exposing your church for what it is. The Lord is calling you out of it and calling you to Him.

62 scholars correct Pope Francis for ‘propagating heresies’

Postcript: “Is the pope Catholic?” was a rhetorical response widely used as an absolute affirmative to a question, but it’s no longer valid.

12 thoughts on “62 Catholic scholars and clergy send letter to pope Francis accusing him of “propagating heresies”

    1. Thank you, Maria, and I’m looking forward to reading your post! I saw in the news last night that the pope’s friends have already gone into damage control on this latest challenge.

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    1. Thanks, Jim. Yes, it would appear that the conservatives are inching towards some type of formal break with Francis. They will not compromise on the communion ban for remarried divorcees while Francis will not reverse the change.

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      1. It is also strange concerning the point where the Conservatives want to fight the Pope at; in our day and age where marriage has become a sensitive topic I imagine most Catholics are cultural catholics and would probably side with the Pope on this one…Maybe it is because I’m Protestant but my first hill to die on would have been on justification and the Gospel.

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      2. You make a great observation! The vast majority of Catholics totally disregard the church’s teaching on mandatory Sunday mass attendance, yearly confession, and the use of birth control. The difference with this is, the ban on communion was considered infallible by previous infallible popes. Francis is being pragmatic by “bending” the rule, but if just one infallible doctrine is discarded, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Liberal Catholics would say “nonsense” to that, but Catholic apologists have staked all of their arguments on their magisterium always being infallible, but the change in communion would be an “about face” too hard to swallow.

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      3. LOL. Their heads are reeling because they’ve been boasting to Protestants for centuries that they alone have an infallible pope who was incapable of ever leading the church into error. Evangelicals should be jumping all over this embarrassing controversy but few know or care.

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    1. Thank you, Maria! I did see that NCR article which pooh poohed the petition. No surprise given the source. It takes a lot of nerve for these clerics and theologians to sign the petition and accuse the Vicar of Christ of heresy.

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