Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 9/23/17

American Catholic writers love to kibbitz about anti-Catholic persecution in this country. I certainly agree that the persecution of any group is wrong, but they somehow fail to mention that much of the ill-will, fear, and paranoia could be traced to the bloody oppression of non-Catholics in Catholic-controlled countries that was encouraged by papal encyclicals condemning freedom of religion and democratic forms of government. Schoolyard bullies mustn’t be surprised when someone strikes back.

The battle between pope Francis and his allies and the conservatives/traditionalists within the Catholic church continues. The rancor between the two groups is reaching fever pitch. You won’t find a more entertaining soap opera on television.

Liberal priest, James Martin’s new book, “Building a Bridge,” which encourages rapprochement with the LGBTQ “community,” has conservative/traditionalist Catholics in an uproar, resulting in push-back by the liberals. Catholic headlines are currently dominated by this controversy.

I’m currently reading a book by a liberal Catholic, which criticizes some of the hallowed traditions of the church including saint manufacturing. In this relevant article from 2002, we see how the church exploits the popularity of certain religious celebrities (e.g., Edith Stein, Padre Pio, mother Teresa, John Paul II, and the two Fatima children) by canonizing them expeditiou$ly, while less popular candidates must wait in queue for centuries. It’s all PR politics and $$$. For more on the anti-Biblical nature of Catholicism’s saint-making machine, see here.

This is a short article on the Reformation by Michael Reeves for those who don’t have time to read a book, likes Reeves’ excellent “The Unquenchable Flame: Discovering the Heart of the Reformation” (see here).

Francis, ya’ think??? Actually, even after thirty years of damning headlines, the Roman Catholic church still doesn’t have a comprehensive plan in place to deal with priest pedophiles and hierarchical cover-up.

Evangelicals have no idea just how much of Catholic worship revolves around Mary. I listen to Catholic talk radio regularly and the references and appeals to “Our Lady” are mind boggling.

Funny stuff! If you go to church, you’re going to hear A LOT of prayers that include “Lord, we just…” or “Lord, I just…” I’ll admit, I’ve succumbed to getting sucked in and using “just” myself at times, but I just consciously try to just avoid it. 😄

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 9/23/17

    1. Thanks, Jimmy. I’m guessing 90% of Catholics have no clue about all of this political infighting. Only 20% go to church regularly and most of them just get in and get out to fulfill their obligation.

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