Billy Graham: Friend of popes and Gospel compromiser


Few men are as revered by the world as Billy Graham, who is now age 98. Graham preached to millions on six continents and is recognized as the greatest Christian evangelist of the 20th century. Any criticism of Graham is considered blasphemy by most evangelicals. Yet, while many people genuinely trusted in Christ at Graham’s crusades, no one, and I mean NO ONE, has muddied the Gospel of grace more than Billy Graham. The damage he did to the Gospel witness cannot be overstated. Graham’s trailblazing cooperation and compromise with Rome’s false gospel has since been emulated and expanded by three generations of evangelical pastors and para-church leaders that followed his lead.

In the 12-minute video above, evangelical apologist, Dave Hunt (d. 2013), tries to wrap his head around the compromise and betrayal of the Gospel by Billy Graham, friend of presidents, kings, and popes.

9 thoughts on “Billy Graham: Friend of popes and Gospel compromiser

  1. Wow, that was a powerful video clip brother! I didn’t know Graham had compromised on the veracity of the Biblical accounts on origins and the flood. I suppose that’s the next natural step though, once you’ve compromised on one piece you can compromise on the rest. Very sad to see so many still reference Graham today. Thank you for your post, not a popular topic but an important truth that needs to be told.

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      1. The irony is Christ and His apostles didn’t hesitate in pointing out false teachers, but that’s so disagreeable in church culture today. If we sat down and tried to seriously contemplate how Satan would subvert the Gospel, we couldn’t do any better than Billy Graham. I know, most would think that’s whacko fundy stuff.

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  2. Do not forget that our perspective changes as we get older . Generally we become less radical and more tolerant. Even those who claim strict adherence to the scripture are softened in their world view. The man of hell-fire and thunder often sees his old enemies in a different more benign light. Compromise is the very stuff of human existence without it war would rage eternally and decisions would be impossible .

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