Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/19/17

There are many places in the world where the syncretism of Catholicism and pagan voo doo religion is quite pronounced, as in Latin America for example and in the Caribbean area. But even in North America, Catholics are predisposed towards astrology and spritualism by their church’s sacramental amulets and by the practice of praying to dead saints.

There’s no one more zealous than a new religious convert and Catholic converts can’t understand why Francis is modifying some of the religious chains they’ve only recently embraced. A close friend of Francis suggests their misguided inflexibility is a form of mental illness.

For decades, the Catholic hierarchy moved “problem” priests to out-of-the-way retreat centers until the “dust settled,” and then reassigned them to parishes full of trusting children and parents.

Catholic sources report that only 12% of members go to confession at least once a year as they are required to do under threat of mortal sin. Articles such as this one aren’t going to make any kind of impact because of the widespread, deep disdain for this sacrament. Not only are Catholics supposed to voluntarily tell their deepest, darkest sins to a priest, but the priest is also trained to skillfully interrogate the “penitent” so that they will properly divulge all of their most embarrassing sins in order to make a “good” confession. Imagine, if you can, women and children and teenagers of both sexes being questioned about private impurities by a priest. Any cause for concern there, husbands and parents?

Here, once again, we have another example of an article referencing Protestant anti-Catholicism in America without any mention of the wider context of the centuries of persecution of “heretics” by the Catholic church in Europe.

In evangelical mega-churchianity, it’s all about growth, growth, growth! That’s both good AND bad. I think I need to write a long post on this topic very soon.

This Catholic notion of blessing material objects so that they impart benefits to the owner/possessor is pagan to the core. I posted previously on the absolute inaneness of car blessings here.

God’s Word says we are to honor our secular leaders and to pray for them so that we “may live peaceful and quiet lives” so that the Gospel may continue to go forth. But when Christians become enmeshed in politics, and when defending “Judeo/Christian” moral values becomes more important than spreading the Gospel, we put up a wall between ourselves and unbelievers. I feel a long post percolating on this topic, especially in light of President Trump’s recent Charlottesville gaffe and the continuing support of most of his supposed “evangelical” advisory board.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/19/17

    1. Thanks, Maria! I got a chuckle out of the pope warning members not to get involved with astrology because so much of Catholicism borders on the occultic with all the sacramentals and statuary, etc.

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  1. Hi Tom

    Well my thoughts on Andy Stanley’s thing.

    There is no such thing as a multi site church. A church is a local, visible called out assembly of believers over which no other body can exercise ecclesiastical authority over. Churches DO send out missions over which they may exercise some oversight as the sponsoring church, but even then eventually that distant mission, or near mission for that matter will become yet another local, visible, called out assembly of believers reporting and responsible to Jesus Christ only.

    What ya think? Am I a local church guy or what? LOL.

    Love the weekend round ups, Tom, thanks for your work on them.

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    1. Wally, Thanks for chiming in on Andy Stanley and the increasingly popular multi-site mega-churches and for your kind encouragement. I’ve got a post brewing in my head on the seeker mega-churches in general (some positive thoughts, some negative) but it may be a week or two away.

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