Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/12/17

Right-wing, ecumenical Judas evangelicals can’t understand why papa Francis doesn’t like them. See my previous post on the La Civilta Cattolica controversy here. Don’t worry, children, Daddy loves you. He just wants his children to make the correct choices on issues like climate change, immigration, socialized health care, etc.

In his ongoing feud with the conservatives and traditionalists within the church, Francis knows he has them over a barrel. If they threaten schism from a duly-elected pope, they themselves become enemies of conservative orthodoxy.

The German Catholic church is literally leaking members like a sieve, despite the fact that its coffers are full through state taxation. Praise the Lord for the Protestant church reformers back in the early years of America who challenged the Roman vestige of a state church.

I listen to Catholic talk radio just about every day to stay abreast of Catholic news and viewpoints. The priest-hosts frequently boast that vocations to the priesthood are rising. There’s a lot of fake news out there and that’s definitely FAKE news.

What? The Knights are going to get rid of those gaudy capes and “chapeaus” (plumed hats)? Uh-oh. Watch for the traditionalist Knights who love their capes and chapeaus to threaten to secede!

Actress Patricia Heaton loves to parade her Catholicism on her shirtsleeves, although I’ve previously shown she’s not quite the devotee she pretends to be. See here. A couple of weeks ago, Heaton tweeted that she was bored out of her mind by the priest’s sermon at a Sunday mass, but was then overcome with emotion when she received the Jesus wafer. Some Catholics are still deeply attached to the mass, but the ritual is antithetical to saving faith in Christ.

Frankly, the mass is boring beyond belief. It’s the exact same ritual over and over and over. Some people are drawn to the familiar and predictable. It’s a constant they can rely on in an unpredictable world. But most Catholics can’t stand the dead liturgical monotony. Not to mention, the alleged acts of calling Jesus down from Heaven and literally changing him into a bread wafer and sacrificing him over and over again are spiritual poison.

The scandal of pedophile priests and church cover-up is shamefully old hat here in the US, but it’s raw, front-page news in Australia and Guam.

The Catholic church celebrated the recent opening of it’s new cathedral in Raleigh, North Carolina with much fanfare, but churches in the Rust Belt are shuttering faster than you can say, “Hoc est corpus meum.” Many Catholics wonder why they have to sit through the bone-dry liturgy every Sunday when the pope says even atheists can merit Heaven if they follow their conscience.

No, it’s not religious news, but I couldn’t resist this story from President Trump. Readers of this blog know Upstate and Western New York have been economically devastated by the combination of high taxes and the exodus of manufacturing companies over the past forty years. Buffalo and Rochester rank as two of the poorest cities per capita in the entire country. During his campaign, Trump promised he would bring jobs back to Western New York. But now he’s telling “upper” New Yorkers there’s no hope and that we should move out. One would think state, county, and city lawmakers in this state would get together and reduce taxes significantly so New York could compete with other states, but nobody’s willing to reduce their fiefdoms. And yet New Yorkers return the same politicians to office year after year. Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall (like the “Empire State”), but the Lord God Almighty remains on His throne.


14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/12/17

  1. Sigh. Okay, I will get political for just one quick moment and then will shut up. I am NOT shocked that his solution for you folks up there is to just move, rather than actually do what he said. Then again, Trump the “messiah,” is not going to make us a Christian nation again, either.

    Nuff said, peace to you my friend.

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    1. Thanks, Wally. I’m trying very hard to avoid mentioning Trump in any of my posts because I’ve claimed I was trying to be apolitical, but maybe it’s OK to say something in a comment? LOL! I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen a lot of presidents over the years, but these last seven months? Oy vey. The sixteen-year-old is driving Dad’s Corvette. If I didn’t know the Lord Jesus Christ and if I wasn’t standing on the solid Rock, I’d be more than a little nervous with all this sabre rattling going on between Trump and Kim Jong-un. It’s a definitely a good talking point with unbelievers.

      There’s really no doable solution for the NY quagmire. In my immediate area there’s our town which also encompasses two villages. So there are three municipal governments when only one is really needed. All kinds of duplication. That kind of waste is all over the state. The sky was the limit with services and taxes in the heydays but now that manufacturing has left, all the services remain in place. So dumb. And Governor Cuomo just signed a law making tuition free at state colleges. We’re the last state that can afford something like that. All the kids who graduate from NY colleges must move out of state because there are no jobs here.

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      1. I also try to avoid politics, Tom. I do, however, get steamed when Christian present that man as the Christian president. Ugh.

        We are pretty poor in rural SE Arkansas, Tom, so I can get part of what you are saying. Not so much the repeating of governments, as there aren’t that many governments down my way. We never had an manufacturing base, so the way things are is just how they have always been.

        Here,, we have a State Lottery now to help kids pay for college. My opinion is that all that has happened is that people who really can’t afford it are paying kids to go to college who really don’t need it, or have done nothing to earn it. Maybe if we taught them to be plumbers or something it would be money well spent.

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      2. I think if we sat down and looked at some honest data regarding the “middle class” fifty years ago and the middle class today we would be sickened. We have a very large community college here which devotes tons of resources to remedial and high-school-level math and English courses. Most of those kids would have happily gone into manufacturing in the old days but that’s not an option anymore.

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      3. I happen to be a big supporter of trade schools, Tom. A four year University degree is not for everyone. As you pointed out, some aren’t even qualified to attend in the first place. My personal opinion is that, if you need remedial English and Math before you can even do core degree courses, then you are likely misplaced in University. It’s ironic for me, as I do have a degree, and now am as blue collar as a fellow could be. We actually require no advanced education from our applicants whatsoever. We will teach you everything you need to know, and even pay pretty darn good in the process. You just have to be willing to pay the price in some other ways LOL.

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      4. Wally, you frighten me whenever you describe the working conditions at your company with the guys always having to hustle. I guess this old coot has gotten soft in my out-to-pasture swivel chair all day with my ear bud permanently implanted.


      5. You actually captured the essence of what we do very well Tom. All you have to do is hustle, in sometimes very unpleasant conditions, and manage a million little details every day. It’s simple, really. It’s not for everybody, but it’s a really great opportunity for guys and girls who are willing and can do it.

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    1. Jimmy, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by and send a blessing! I had a routine colonoscopy done this morning and all was fine. As I get older, I’m taking the many blessings from the Lord less for granted. I pray everything is going very well for you on your mission trip!

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      1. I just prayed for the Lord’s grace with your colonoscopy and what it would reveal. I just learned what that is this year since my father needed to have two done and we were frightened as a family. Thank you for your prayers, today I begin my actual pastoral training while the other days here I have been ministering to the churches in general

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