Donuts Delite: Not much to brag about in Rochester, NY anymore, but we do have the best donuts in the USA!

Several decades ago, my hometown, Rochester, New York, boasted about being “The World’s Imaging Center” with Eastman Kodak and Xerox both running second and third shifts to keep up with demand. The two companies are now mere shadows of their former selves and Rochester doesn’t have much to brag on except for being one of the poorest cities per capita in the USA.

But one thing we do have are the best donuts in the entire country!

Back when I was a kid, my Dad often made the 1.5 mile trip to Donuts Delite at 1700 Culver Rd. and picked up a couple of dozen donuts for breakfast before we went to church on Sunday. They were the absolute best donuts in the world! The vanilla cream-filled were, hands-down, my favorite but all the varieties were easy on the palate.

The Malley family operated Donuts Delite from 1958 until 2005 when they decided to close the doors. People living on the northeast side of the city were heartbroken. After standing vacant for several years, the iconic, “I Like Ike”-era building faced demolition. But in 2010, Salvatore’s pizza-chain owner, Sam Fantauzzo, reopened Donuts Delite to the delight of all Rochesterians. Fantauzzo consulted closely with the Malleys to ensure the donuts were made precisely according to the family’s original specifications.

I don’t get to Donuts Delite often these days because we now live 11 miles away, but Sunday morning, my wife and I and our 5-year-old granddaughter made a special trip there for breakfast. The place is always packed, especially on weekend mornings. I ordered two large slices of breakfast pizza, a vanilla cream-filled donut for old time sake, and a cup of Joe. Oy vey! Not exactly diet fare but I was willing to make an exception. I took one of the pizza slices home for dinner and ordered three more vanilla cream-filleds “to go” as we headed out the door, two for my bride and one for me. Hey, I’m not driving all the way to Donuts Delite and coming home with just a single vanilla cream-filled in my gut.

Back a few years ago, when my parents were still alive and living down in Florida, everyone who made the trip down there to visit made sure to bring a dozen vanilla cream-filleds from Dunkin Donuts for my appreciative father. Yeah, they’re that good!

Just about every city and town has something or some place to brag about. Rochester isn’t what it used to be but we definitely do have the best donuts in the country at Donuts Delite.

Donuts Delite web site:

Stay tuned to this blog for a future write-up on another food item Rochester is noted for; the infamous Garbage Plate!

14 thoughts on “Donuts Delite: Not much to brag about in Rochester, NY anymore, but we do have the best donuts in the USA!

    1. Thanks, Nathan! If you ever get to ROC town give me a buzz and we’ll do DD for a donut breakfast and then Nick’s for a Garbage Plate lunch.


    1. I also love me a donut now and then. Dunkin Donuts is big here and I’m sure you got ’em in AR but Dunkin Donuts compared to Donuts Delite is like comparing a measly McDonald’s single to a Wendy’s triple.


      1. Krispy Kreme came to Rochester back around 2000 and people were lined up for 100 yards the first week to try their glazed donuts, but for some strange reason they fizzled out and closed the doors after only a couple of years.

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    1. Well, we’re actually known for a couple of other culinary delights, which I’ll be posting about soon, but Donuts Delite is definitely an institution on the city’s east side.

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