An explanation of Martin Luther and the Reformation for children (adults can watch, too!)

I ran across the article far below which mentions the surprising popularity of the Playmobil toy company’s Martin Luther figurine. Included in the article is the above stop-action animation video, which brings to life some of the early history of the Reformation for young people and will delight adults as well. Narrator, Michael Reeves, has written a couple of excellent books on the Reformation, which I reviewed previously. See here and here.

As we know, in contrast to this light-hearted video, many of the men and women who turned away from the Catholic church and trusted in Christ during the Reformation suffered greatly for their faith at the order of Catholic prelates.

Thank you, Lord, for raising up men like Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and others who endeavored to return the church to the glorious Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

A believer’s Bible study resource book shelf is not complete without a Playmobil Martin Luther figurine to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Order from Amazon here.

Playmobil Martin Luther is a hit – new You Tube animation brings the Reformation to life

10 thoughts on “An explanation of Martin Luther and the Reformation for children (adults can watch, too!)

      1. I’m curious to know everyone’s reaction. The sad thing is that only a small percentage of evangelicals are aware of the very basic facts about Luther presented in this video.

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      2. I had my kids, all five and under watch it. That was their introduction to Luther! I had them watch it the whole way at first then I asked them what they got from it. We then watched it a second time where I stopped from time to time to explain things. I think this is the beginning and certainly not the end of them hearing about Luther and the Gospel! Thank you!

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      3. I’m very glad you were able to watch it with your kids and use it as a teaching tool. I remember hearing about Luther as a young Catholic. We were taught by the nuns that he was a very deluded man who caused much harm.

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