Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/8/17

I definitely don’t venerate “holy relics” or material religious objects, but it’s kinda cool to see a road that the Lord, Jesus Christ, actually walked on 2000 years ago. Nope, that’s not a photo of the Bat Cave above. That’s the underground archaeological dig revealing the excavated ancient Jerusalem road.

The liberal Reformed have joined Anglicans, liberal Lutherans, and United Methodists in embracing Rome. Who’s next? If a church doesn’t join in the ecumenical apostasy, it will be viewed as extremist fundamentalist.

The news wires were overrun during June, Gay Pride Month, with stories about the Catholic church building bridges to the LGBTQ. But two weeks ago, conservative bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, issued a non-compromising statement declaring no communion, last rites, or funerals for Catholics in same-sex relationships. In response this past week, liberal bishop, Patrick J. McGrath of San Jose, CA, said he welcomes all Catholics in same-sex relationships for communion, last rites, and funerals. So who’s on first?

Those who uphold Biblical teaching on sexuality will be increasingly targeted by society.

Cardinal Muller opposed Francis’s ambiguous footnote in Amoris Laetitia, which opened the door to communion for divorced remarried. Arrivederci, Gerhard! What Francis is demonstrating is that infallible popes of the past were definitely not infallible regarding their policy of no communion for divorced remarrieds.

One can only assume gay orgies were routine for centuries at the Vatican among the supposedly celibate clergymen. Historians tell us the city of Rome had the highest number of prostitutes (female and male?) per capita in 19th-century Europe. How many altar boys and seminarians were sexually abused by celibate priests and prelates over the centuries? The number must be staggering.

Easy question, Mr. Voris. The RCC doesn’t prioritize re-evangelizing former Catholics because it can’t even impose upon current Catholics to come to church.

The notion of America as a “Christian country” was wrong 241 years ago and it’s wrong today. The controversy’s not even on the radar up here in the secular Rust Belt. If you insist that Christian symbolism/texts must be featured in tax-supported public buildings then you must also include symbolism/texts from all other religious and atheist groups.

The Babylon Bee strikes again!


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/8/17

  1. The craziest story is the cocaine orgy thing…I saw that last week and wasn’t sure if it was reliable since some of the outlet was rather sleazy and gossipy. But more outlets are picking this up. It’s crazy…

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      1. Yes, and as I pointed out just yesterday to a Catholic who wrote in, there are many cases of the magisterium of one era contradicting the magisterium of another era. Then what? No basis of confidence in that.

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