The 25 most frequently viewed posts from the past two years

To borrow a hackneyed expression, my, how time flies! We’re quickly approaching the second anniversary of this blog, excatholic4christ. I’m not a big sentimentalist but it is interesting to stop and take a look back at a few aspects of my blogging experience the past two years.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the unusual circumstances that led to the creation of this blog. See here.

I thought it also might be interesting to briefly review the 25 most frequently viewed posts from the past two years (as of this morning). Many thanks to WordPress stats!

As Christian writers, we send our humble creations off into the blogosphere, hoping and praying they will honor the Lord and be useful to another soul. Some land with a resounding thud (in our estimation) in blog “limbo” while others seem to take on a life of their own.

Jim Tetlow wrote this fascinating book about Islam’s veneration of Mary. Could a future Marian apparition be the catalyst for a one-world religion?

Apologist James R. White’s masterful debunking of KJV 1611-Onlyism.

James McCarthy’s book is one of the best examinations of Roman Catholicism available.

Rob Zins has been reaching out to Catholics with the Gospel for decades.

Robert Jeffress is one of many conservative evangelical pastors who oftentimes put American nationalism ahead of the Gospel.

An examination of one of Catholicism’s most popular sacramental talismans.

A look into the gradual rise of Mariolatry in Catholic theology.

Evangelicals love to quote Spurgeon but many would not abide his stand against Catholic error.

Karol Wojtyla, pope John Paul II, was canonized as a saint but his unusual relationship with a married Polish woman was kept under wraps.

Zacharias, one of evangelicalism’s most popular apologists, is an advocate of ecumenism with Rome.

Quoted by evangelical pastors ad nauseum, “Mere Christianity” is less than orthodox in several regards. Charles Colson cited the book as the inspiration behind his “Evangelical and Catholics Together” ecumenical project.

In his 2015 address to the U.S. joint congress, the “Vicar of Christ” didn’t mention Jesus Christ even once.

Few evangelicals are aware of the pagan origins of Catholic saint veneration/worship.

Convent escape narratives, popular in 19th and 20th century Protestant literature, were routinely dismissed as “Protestant/Puritan porn” by Catholic spokespersons, but they had no comment on this 2015 convent expose by a respected historian.

Zondervan’s important series on the 5 Solas was published in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this year.

National Geographic’s cover story on Mariolatry was a revealing glimpse at the high priority Mary is given in Catholic theology.

I’m not sure how wise it is for Christian street preachers to disrupt a Catholic mass, but the Holy Spirit does not always follow our reasoning.

Catholicism’s refusal to bury unbaptized babies in “blessed” Catholic cemeteries defies comprehension and basic charity.

No doubt many people googled “cilice,” a strange contraption pious Catholics use for self-mortification, and were led to this post.

Apologist James R. White confronts Zacharias’s sellout to Rome. Sadly, White himself has recently compromised the Gospel with his controversial dialogues with a Muslim imam.

Many Catholics googled “Maria Goretti,” the popular “saint” whose body toured the U.S. in 2015 and were led to this post.

Cult expert Martin’s decision to omit any critical mention of Catholicism from “The Kingdom of the Cults” was inexplicable.

This excellent cable channel program examined some of the dark underside of Mariolatry.

A very simple post but with many hits, revealing the popularity of Mary worship within Catholicism.

I attribute the many hits for this post to google searches for “Clavius Aquila Valerius Niger,” the protagonist of the novel.

My thanks to all of those who have supported me and this blog ministry with friendship, prayers, and comments over the last two years. In this post-modern era, when relativism and plurality are cherished idols, I understand it’s not popular to associate with a blog titled excatholic4christ.

We are but clay pots with many flaws and weaknesses. May the Lord our God use us despite our shortcomings! May Roman Catholics and others soften their hearts to the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.


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