Cardinal Pell charged with sexual abuse

One of this morning’s international headlines was the news that criminal charges involving the sexual abuse of multiple minors over a span of decades have been brought against cardinal George Pell (pictured), the leading Catholic prelate of Australia and one of pope Francis’s top advisers.

This scandal has been brewing for years. Pell was initially accused of covering up the sexual abuse of other pedophile priests until multiple victims came forward claiming Pell himself was a predator. Many of Pell’s victims were altar boys so this hits close to home for me. See the story below.

Pope Francis has been aware of the criminal investigation against Pell for several years and yet has continued to retain him as the Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy (aka the Vatican Treasurer in simplespeak), one of the most important positions in the Vatican.

When will the abuse end? When will the cover-up, leading to the church’s highest office, the pope, come to an end? Why didn’t the Catholic church confront this pedophile priests and cover-up scandal thirty years ago when news reports first began to surface? As this latest story reveals, any and all claims by the church that it is seriously attempting to solve this “problem” are without any merit. I believe this monstrous scandal is one of God’s marks upon this apostate church.

My heart sincerely goes out to the victims of Pell and other Catholic clerics. It could have easily been me, an altar boy from 1966-70.

For Catholics who believe consecrated bread wafers are changed into the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ and impart salvific graces to all those who consume them, Pell probably dispensed hundreds of thousands of Jesus wafers during the course of his “career.” What good did it do for anyone? None. Salvation comes by faith alone in Jesus Christ as Savior, not by a legalistic religious institution administered by sinful men.

Sex abuse scandal has followed Cardinal George Pell for decades

9 thoughts on “Cardinal Pell charged with sexual abuse

    1. Yes, so sad. When I read these stories about abusers, I must stop myself and consider the children who were stalked and victimized. I was around the priests at our parish quite a bit because I was an altar boy for four years. Many priests were shuffled in and out over that time but there were three priests, including the pastor, who I came in contact with quite a bit. I was never abused but the personalities of two of the men were very odd. Even as a child with a limited perspective I could sense these men were not like my father, uncles, or the fathers of my friends. I sensed a certain degree of danger in being in their presence. Maybe I will expound on this in a future post.

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  1. Tom, there are answers to your questions of when the abuse will stop and when the cover-up will end. I’m not teaching you here but trying to discern Biblically.

    First, in a church where doctrines of demons (celibacy) have become institutionalized, this cannot stop because the doctrine fosters this abuse. Second, this institution is both temporal and secular. It has canon law forbidding priests to come under civil jurisdiction, which canon I don’t know but probably could find. Sometimes now these priests are indicted, but the Vatican balks at civil authority, believing civil authority is also under their rule of the two keys embodied in this canon law. That is why we see all of this and the tortuously slow “work” of the Commission for the Protection of Minors.


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    1. Thanks, Maria! All good points! Yes, my questions were meant to be rhetorical, which was clear in my understanding but obviously not to the reader. I should refrain from those type of rhetorical questions in the future because it may lead the reader to think I believe the RCC is capable of reforming itself.

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      1. Your comment was a good example of how rhetorical questions can easily lead to misinterpretation so it was helpful. Sometimes I get a little overly-dramatic on my soapbox, especially when I’m writing about child abuse.

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