1) Diet update, 2) James White update, and 3) Lloyd-Jones video

Today’s one of those rare days when I have more than one topic to write about, but rather than publishing them separately, I’m combining them into one post and I’ll try to be very brief:

*Diet update: Back on May 1st, I announced to the WordPress world that I had started on the famous “Sal’s Birdland Diet” in order to lose 33 lbs. See here for original post. Eleven weeks later, I’m happy to report I’m halfway to my goal after losing 17 lbs. but I’m about 5 lbs. behind plan at this point. The diet went pretty well initially but I had reached a plateau the last three weeks (see above chart). I guess I had gotten a bit lazy in my discipline (like ordering fried calamari and a wedge salad topped with gobs of creamy blue cheese dressing and crumbled bacon for dinner at a restaurant a few weekends ago). This past week I really buckled down in order to break through the plateau and it worked. I have noticed this diet experience has many parallels to our spiritual walk with the Lord. When we’re lazy, half-hearted, or double-minded in regards to our relationship with the Lord, we can expect a spiritual plateau and even spiritual decline. I’ll let you know if/when I hit my target, hopefully in about 8 or 9 weeks. By the way, my size 38″ pants now keep creeping downward whenever I power walk so in the interests of decency and propriety, I’ll need to do some pants shopping at J.C. Penney for some size 36″s in another week or two.

*James R. White & Dialogue “Controversy”: A week ago I wrote about the mounting controversy over Christian apologist James R. White’s two interfaith dialogues with aJW Muslim Imam. See here. I’m of a mind that apologists should debate false religionists rather than dialogue with them. But White believes dialogues are beneficial in the spreading of the Gospel and affirms he will continue with this approach despite the opposition. See here for White’s recent interview with Messianic Jew, Dr. Michael Brown, in which he defends the dialogues. If we disagree with Dr. White’s approach, we should do so charitably.

*Martyn Lloyd-Jones video biography available for download: I’ve been so blessed after “discovering” the ministry of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899 – 1981), the godly and beloved Welsh-English preacher and defender of the Gospel of grace of the previous generation. I’m currently reading his compiled sermons on the Sermon on the Mount and its been a tremendous blessing although very slow reading because it’s so deep. I was skimming through Paul Washer’s Twitter account and several months ago he had mentioned that a video biography of Lloyd-Jones, “Logic on Fire: The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones,” was available for download. See the trailer here. To download the video for 48-hours for $6.00, see here. The DVD is also available at Amazon for $39.95+ shipping, see here. Review to follow.



11 thoughts on “1) Diet update, 2) James White update, and 3) Lloyd-Jones video

  1. Wow glad to hear of your progress with your diet. Oh and I like your point: ” If we disagree with Dr. White’s approach, we should do so charitably.” I think things are getting kind of heated online with some of White’s critics so I think what you said really stood out.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Jim! I don’t agree with White’s dialogue method. He’s not intending that Islam is an acceptable approach to God but some could misconstrue it that way and the fact that it’s a cause of controversy in the body should give him pause. On the other hand few have confronted Muslims with the Gospel to the degree White has so I’m going to back off and continue praying for him.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Wally! The toughest part was finally getting into that dieting “mindset.” I had a funny thought while walking the dog this evening. Because of the diet I’m in-between sizes. My 38″ pants are too big and the 36″s I stored away in my dresser are too tight. But if I wear the 36″s to church I’ll fit in with the young guys with their skinny jeans including the pastor and worship leader. But my wife will call me an idiot. 🙂

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  2. I listened to White’s discussion and though his approach bothers me a bit I’m more concerned about how he made Christians look bad-to be honest, it seemed as if Dr. White was on an apology tour! He pointed out our failures with relation to the Muslims and used a broad brush in doing so. He made Christians, almost all of us and certainly not him, look bigoted and unloving! So, how is this going to persuade Muslims to even think about being a follower of Jesus Christ and to know Him as their Savior? I know Christians aren’t perfect and that our clumsy zeal can come across bigoted but Dr. White did us no favors and did no good for the Muslims, either. I came away from this dialogue thinking Dr. White was ashamed to be a Christian. 😦

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    1. I agree with you, Sherry. I admired White for his stand against Catholicism and his willingness to debate false religionists but this dialogue with Islam is a big mistake. I really can’t recommend White’s materials going forward.

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