Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/17/17

I would like to understand why Catholicism is so preoccupied with the hearts of Jesus and Mary. Great devotion and worship are accorded to these biological organs, all of which strikes genuine believers in Christ as very strange and idolatrous.

Pope Francis opened the door a crack and liberals are attempting to push it wide open. I anticipate the ordination of female deacons in the RCC in the next 5 to 10 years.

The LGBTQ rainbow alliance is pushing for acceptance in every part of public life. Churches that refuse to participate will be targeted.

The K of C was founded in 1882 as a Catholic benevolent fraternal organization. In some respects, it was the Catholic alternative to verboten Freemasonry. I remember the K of C newspaper advertisements when I was a kid that defended and promoted Catholicism. Most fraternals are in sharp decline these days but the K of C guys with the silly plume hats, capes, epaulettes, and swords are still going strong and wield a lot of influence. Any sign of Jesus Christ in all of this pageantry?

I’m not a big fan of “dialogue” with religious unbelievers. The aim of “dialogue” is to find common ground and build upon that while ignoring or minimizing important doctrinal differences. I don’t read about the apostles and disciples of Christ engaging in ecumenical “dialogue” with religious unbelievers in the New Testament.

These Nigerians priests who refuse to acknowledge a bishop appointed from outside their geographic area are still mired in tribalism. Francis should accommodate them just like Catholicism accommodates/syncretizes native pagan beliefs and practices elsewhere in the world, such as in Latin America.

People are surprised to learn the Muslim Quran references Mary much more than the Bible does. Muslims venerate Mary as a faithful follower of Allah and the mother of the “prophet,” Jesus. Will Marian devotion and worship be the catalyst for a one-world religion?

This past Thursday was the Feast of Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) for Roman Catholics. This weekend many of the ethnic parishes will have an outdoor procession with the priest carrying a large consecrated bread wafer, which Catholics are taught is the actual body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. The faithful line the streets and bow in worshipful adoration to the passing Jesus wafer.

What is Jesus’ blood type? Defenders of eucharistic miracles claim the blood from bleeding wafers is consistently type AB. But where is the Gospel in all of this?

And while we’re on the topic of Southern Baptists…

…Did you hear the one about the Southern Baptist who decided to let his hair down and throw all caution to the wind on one particular day by reading only four chapters of the Bible instead of the usual five? Praise the Lord for the believers in the Southern Baptist Convention who remain faithful to Jesus Christ and His Word.

23 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/17/17

  1. This is a very informative selection of articles, Tom. I particularly liked this statement that accompanies the Mormon story:

    “I’m not a big fan of “dialogue” with religious unbelievers. The aim of “dialogue” is to find common ground and build upon that while ignoring or minimizing important doctrinal differences. I don’t read about the apostles and disciples of Christ engaging in ecumenical “dialogue” with religious unbelievers in the New Testament.”

    There is currently concern about James White’s dialog with Muslims and I think the concern is warranted although his critics need to pray for wisdom when commenting on the subject. Here is one of the better comments of concern. (Sadly, Keith Thompson uses a picture that he calls “metaphoric” in the next video he put to youtube that is very unfortunate I think. It appears to mock Mr. White and I left a comment on Keith’s youtube channel questioning this apparent insensitivity.)

    Then there is this. I am still trying to get a comment from Ravi Zacharias to explain this on my blog post about him. Frankly, it is confusing to me knowing what I do about Mormon doctrine. Mr. Zacharias is very popular and I know of at least one blogger who stopped viewing my blog over this post:


    James White and Ravi Zacharias are well-known, articulate, and intelligent Christians. I understand we need to dialog with unbelievers to attempt to save them but we must be wise about the venues we choose. I think both made mistakes in the videos I have posted here. Please don’t feel you need to watch the videos, Tom. I have only put them here for comment by any of your readers.

    Your comment again:

    “I don’t read about the apostles and disciples of Christ engaging in ecumenical “dialogue” with religious unbelievers in the New Testament.”

    I so agree.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Chris. Your comment unfortunately went to my spam bucket. I started listening to the White-Qadhi video but must finish when I have some more time. I expect to have a reply for you tomorrow.

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      1. I would be curious of your take on this. I have gone back and forth in my mind on it and my position has changed twice now. It is always unfortunate when personal attacks enter the discussion as it seems in this case between James White and Keith Thompson. My question remains: “Who has wiser way of handling discussions with Muslims?” There are different factors involved with different Muslims I think. I would also think that the best witness to a current Muslim would be a former Muslim although this doesn’t get the rest of us off of the hook.

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      2. Chris, I watched Thompson’s video and my initial reaction is disappointment in White. As we both mentioned, I have a problem with “dialoguing” with religious unbelievers. Yes, we must witness to them, and it’s proper for our apologists to debate them, but I certainly don’t believe we should invite them to our church platforms to sit in overstuffed parlor chairs so they can expound their false spiritual views unchallenged, which “seems” to have been the case here as Thompson presents it.

        As an ex-Catholic, I truly appreciate White’s work in comparing Roman Catholicism to Scripture and Biblical Christianity. I’ve read five of White’s books on the topic and reviewed them all on this blog. So I’m mystified why White feels it’s his responsibility to differentiate moderate Islam from extremist Islam. I’ve seen several of his videos in which he debated Muslim clerics so why give them a platform as he appears to be doing here? Let the “moderate” Muslims defend themselves against ISIS. That’s definitely not our fight. As Thompson suggests, perhaps White has become so familiar and friendly with moderate Muslims in his research of Islam and so proud of his knowledge and connections, that he’s now somewhat compromised? I would like to read more from White’s side of the story.

        As for Ravi Zacharias, I’m very disappointed in his “dialogue” approach with Mormonism and, especially for me, with Catholicism. From Zacharias’s messages, it’s clear he even goes beyond dialogue and embraces Roman Catholicism as a Christian entity. I can no longer listen to Zacharias’s daily radio messages because I’m grieved so much when he quotes Catholics. Below are some posts I’ve written with regards to Zacharias and Catholicism. It’s somewhat interesting in light of our discussion here that James White is on record as being equally as baffled by Zacharias’s approach to Catholicism as I am.


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      3. Thank you for your comment and the links, Tom. I will check each out as time allows. I was familiar with James White and had no reason to question him about anything until now. Like you, I have come down on Keith Thompson’s side on this one for now and for the reasons you’ve stated and because of the connections to radicals that the Imam has. I do hope Keith takes down the picture of James in the Turban and Beard.
        As I am about as familiar with Ravi as I am with James (not real familiar), I appreciate you sharing your views with me. I had no idea that Ravi was quoting Catholics but I still don’t understand why he didn’t get much flack from his appearance in the Mormon “Temple.” If Walter Martin had been given that platform with complete freedom, I think he would have used the opportunity to make it very clear that Mormonism is not Christianity. The Mormons would never have invited him to speak. They knew what he would say and they would have been gnashing their teeth after a very short time. How did they know Ravi wouldn’t challenge them? It is all a mystery to me. He challenges the Muslims, why not the Mormons? It doesn’t make any sense.
        Anyway, thanks for your reply. I’m heading to check out the first link.
        God’s blessings…

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      4. Chris, I know a lot about Mormonism also because Palmyra/Hill Cumorah is only 20 miles from us, sparking my curiosity, and I did a lot of research. I listened to Zacharias’s friendly address in Salt Lake City a while ago and I was equally flabbergasted.

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      5. Chris, James White provided some comments defending his dialogues with Yasir Qadhi via his June 19 podcast below beginning around the 27:40 mark. He mentions there will be additional discussion about the controversy later this week.

        I understand his arguments although I’m not in agreement with him. I believe he should not be “dialoguing” with Muslim clerics, Catholic priests, Mormon elders or any other pagan religionists. I hope White someday realizes from the controversy that he made a mistake by arranging the two “dialogues.”


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      6. Thanks for the link, Tom. He is certainly “circling the wagons” for what appears to be a long and sad conversation with his critics. It will be interesting to see if he comes to the same conclusion that we have come to eventually.

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      7. The wise thing for him to do would be to acknowledge the dialogues were a mistake but pride won’t allow that. So now he’s going to dig in his heels and battle the brethren who agree with him on just about everything else. We must pray for him. As much as I disagree with White regarding these dialogues with a Muslim, at least he’s not embracing non-believers as Christians like Zacharias and Lane Craig.

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      8. Yes, we must pray for James White, Tom. I think his intentions were originally good but he has crossed a line that is unhealthy. He needs to be careful how these dialogues affect those who follow his ministry without question. Those folks need to be his primary concern.

        As far as Lane Craig goes, I hadn’t heard that he was embracing non-believers. Do you mind sharing a link with me regarding that?

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