“The Roman Catholic Church Says I’m Anathema, What About You?”

Thirty years ago it was pretty much understood by most evangelicals that Roman Catholicism preached a different “gospel,” which taught salvation by sacramental grace and merit.

Today, Rome still teaches the very same false “gospel” but many evangelicals now gloss over irresolvable doctrinal differences and accept Roman Catholicism as a Christian denomination. What changed? Why are deadly Catholic falsehoods now accommodated as harmless “denominational distinctives” by some evangelical apologists?

Below is a short article from Pulpit & Pen, which points out that evangelical ecumenism with Rome does not compute.

The Roman Catholic Church Says I’m Anathema, What About You?
By Seth Dunn
Pulpit & Pen

Frequently, we receive email at Pulpit & Pen chastising us for our position that those who believe Roman Catholic doctrine are not Christians.* This is a plainly biblical position and its quite frustrating to see it constantly challenged by Roman Catholics and Protestants alike. So, I thought it would be prudent to present a short argument that demonstrates that Roman Catholicism is not Christianity. Examine the following propositions:

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9 thoughts on ““The Roman Catholic Church Says I’m Anathema, What About You?”

      1. I think the founder Jordan Hall sometimes get addicted of one controversy of another. Sometimes they might not be the best readings of other Christians they disagree with. I’m all for speaking out against error but we must represent the other side rightly.

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      2. Did a little research and I see Hall was the one who was involved with the cyber bullying of Ergun Caner’s 15-year-old son a few years ago. I remember the boy committed suicide shortly afterwards. Thanks for the heads up.

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      3. During the whole Ergun Caner thing I was one of the guys that spoke up on Twitter against some of his error, including the one concerning Caner’s lectures to Marines. I suppose it was because I was a former Marine that made what we wrote go viral on Twitter and Facebook. It was during that time that I saw Jordan Hall tweeting to Caner’s son, and also people saying that he should stop. I was heartbroken to hear of Caner’s son’s death.

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      4. The pastor of the SBC church we used to attend was a personal friend of Caner’s and was very upset about the Twitter bullying of Caner’s son and his subsequent suicide. I didn’t connect all that with Hall until you mentioned his name and I dug into it a little bit. Yes, I remember there were many holes in Caner’s story and from what I can see he currently does not have a post in Christian academia.

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