Weekend Update – News & Views – 6/3/17

Reformation tchotchke, anyone? It’s sad to see the commercial exploitation of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, but it’s to be expected. People down through the ages have always tried to make a buck off of spirituality.

The predominant notions of Jesus Christ in Catholicism are that of the suffering victim hanging in agony on the crucifix and that of the perennial sacrificial victim upon Catholic altars at 350,000 daily masses throughout the world. Praise God, the risen Savior, Jesus Christ, is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for all believers.

When Catholics receive communion they believe the “consecrated” bread wafer is the literal body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus is physically present in their stomachs for around fifteen minutes during the time it takes for their digestive acids to completely dissolve the wafer. Priests have a lengthy set of protocols to deal with abnormalities in distributing the Jesus wafers (e.g., a recipient vomits the wafer, a wafer drops to the floor and is carried away by a rodent, etc.).

The Anglicans and Episcopalians need to shutter the church windows, padlock the doors, and throw away the keys.

When I was in Catholic grammar school the nuns specialized in BFT (blunt force trauma) but the few who remain spearhead the “social gospel.”

“So virulent was the hostility in Colonial Boston that each year on “Pope’s Day,” mobs of predominantly Protestant laborers burned effigies of the pontiff.” Much of the prejudice and paranoia in America regarding Catholics was rooted in the very real and bloody persecution of Protestants in European Catholic countries for centuries. When are they going to write about that?

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed Peter Kreeft’s appeal to evangelicals to convert to Catholicism. See here. The end of the article above acknowledges that ecumenical evangelical Lee Strobel’s popular “The Case for Faith” shined an approving spotlight on Kreeft.

The Eastern Orthodox see no advantage in placing themselves under the pope’s authority but Rome won’t rest until she subjugates all of her daughters.

For a religious system that is allegedly infallible when it comes to issues of faith and morals, Catholicism has a lot to apologize for.

Ain’t it the truth.


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