Testimony of Charo Washer — Biblical Beginnings

Thanks to “Inhereford” at Biblical Beginnings for this post.

Charo Washer gives a sobering testimony in the attached nineteen-minute audio. She attended Christian school beginning as a young teen, went on to become a missionary, and married a notable missionary and evangelist, Paul Washer. There was only one problem; she had never genuinely accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior.

There are no second-generation Christians. People accept the Lord and go to church and dutifully get their children involved. Our two boys went to church with us and attended four children’s services a week for eight years. They raised their hands that they had accepted Jesus like all the other kids. They bowed their heads and sang the songs on cue. They didn’t want to stick out. But they had never genuinely accepted Christ. I assumed that they had, which is why I didn’t spend a lot of time acknowledging the Lord in our day-to-day lives. I assumed they were already getting more than enough of “that” at church.

Charo even had her evangelist husband fooled for eleven years, but as she admits in this audio, she couldn’t hide her heart from the Lord. Praise God!

I guess the lesson here is that we should never assume that just because someone grew up in the church or attends church that they ever genuinely accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.


This was a very difficult testimony for me to watch, as it is so very similar to my own conversion story. My greatest fear is that there are so many more people sitting in church wearing themselves out, unregenerate, and unaware of the eternal consequences. The lie that saying a quick prayer can get you […]

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5 thoughts on “Testimony of Charo Washer — Biblical Beginnings

  1. Tom, that is a great reminder. I remember an incident from about 7-8 years ago at our place. A woman who was probably 70 and had been in church her entire life was saved and baptized. Very brave for her to acknowledge that.

    I teach very often, and it is rare that at least a moment of every class is not the Gospel, no matter the subject.

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  2. Wow that was a very powerful testimony. Its crazy to think she was even a missionary and married to Paul Washer and wasn’t a Christian until 32. Praise the Lord for saving Charo Washer.

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