Weekend Roundup – News & Views – 5/13/17

Pope Francis is visiting Fatima, Portugal this weekend to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the alleged Marian apparition there. The pope is capitalizing on the big event by announcing the “canonization” to sainthood of two of the three persons who claimed to have been visited by the “Queen of Heaven,” Francisco and Jacinta Marto. Praise the Lord for the Christians who made the journey to Fatima to witness to some of the 1 million Catholic “pilgrims.” Catholics plead to “Mother Mary” for peace in the world but the only peace to be found is the spiritual peace that comes through accepting Jesus Christ as personal Savior. We’re always mindful of the millions of Catholics who are deceived followers of religious legalism rather than followers of Christ and we pray for their salvation.

The category, “Practicing Christians,” includes many non-believing religionists, but there’s no doubt that “New Spirituality” is also reaching into evangelical congregations.

Liberal Catholic congregations are already accepting of gay relationships. Evangelical churches will have to decide if they’re going to follow God’s Word on this or cave to societal pressure. Thanks, Maria!

The U.S. Catholic church is hemorrhaging membership with no end in sight. In order to stanch the exodus, Francis is minimizing doctrine in favor of “feel-good” religiosity.

Catholic street evangelists have the tough job of selling a VERY BAD product as per the following illustrative exchange:

“Excuse me sir, would you be interested in becoming a Catholic?”

“What do I need to do?”

“Just go to a year’s worth of religious classes, get baptized and confirmed, go to mandatory church every Sunday and receive the eucharist so you can obtain graces to help you avoid sin so that you can hopefully merit Heaven when you die. But of course you probably will sin, so you’ll need to confess your big sins to a priest regularly and of course there’s always purgatory for your small sins. And also keep in mind you’ll have to…etc., etc., etc.”

Conservative Catholics are champing at the bit for a new pope as Francis continues to sling pot shots at them.

A funny one but not far from the truth in today’s seeker mega-churches.


12 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup – News & Views – 5/13/17

  1. Let me ask you this Tom, I’m curious to hear your answer. You have a lot of criticisms of Catholic doctrine. What do you think is th best argument in favor of Catholicism and what’s missing ?


    1. Philip, Let’s suppose a non-Catholic came to a practicing Catholic and asked them, “How do I get to Heaven?” The Catholic could respond with two options:

      1) Follow your own religion to the best of your ability.
      2) Go to RCIA classes for a year, get baptized and confirmed, go to mass every Sunday and HDOO and receive the eucharist, go to confession at least once a year but preferably more often, always strive to be in a state of grace so that at the moment of death (at least) no serious sin will be on your soul, etc., etc., etc..

      Option 1 is NOT an option according to the New Testament. Everyone will say they follow their religion and/or conscience but no one does perfectly. What exactly is the cutoff point between Heaven and hell? As I said before, Catholicism’s acceptance of other works religions and even “good” atheism is the logical extension of its own works-based theology.

      Option 2 describes sacramental religiosity. Although Catholicism speaks about grace and faith, its members are warned they must sufficiently “cooperate with grace” in order to merit salvation but a Catholic can never be assured they have done enough.

      Salvation in Christ is accepting Him as Savior without one, single plea of your own, like the thief on the cross and the tax collector in Luke 18. I was terminally ill without any hope, but Jesus Christ rescued me. I now follow Him as Lord, but any good that I do is through Him and in Him.


      1. Tom, I understand what you’re saying, but you see, you didn’t answer my question.

        However, I’ll address some misconceptions. Can a Catholic know that they’re saved? Now, one thing that is true there is NO CONSENSUS in the Catholic Church. Accordingly, the great theologian Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologica at question 112 explains that there thee ways to know a thing and that the faithful can be fairly certain that they are in a state of Grace.

        So, are there any ‘redeemable’ traits of Catholics, is there one argument that almost gets to the point?

        Btw, thank you for discussing with me these topics.


      2. A couple of years ago pope Francis declared no one can know they are saved. The church has always taught that any Catholic who claims to be saved in this life commits the “sin of presumption.”

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    1. Thanks, Maria. I have never actually visited this blog before but I have seen many posts from the main contributor, chalcedon451, whenever I scan the posts in the “Catholicism” category.

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