Weekend Roundup – News & Views – 4/15/17


Yes, it’s that time of year. There are Filipino Catholics who flagellate themselves and submit to being nailed to a cross during Good Friday observances. But self-inflicted, painful penitence has quite a long history in Catholicism. In recent times, pope John Paul II regularly flagellated himself and mother Teresa wore a cilice daily.

Catholics are taught to blindly follow the pope but traditionalist Catholics can’t wait until boat rocker Francis’ tenure is over.

Catholicism is filled with unbiblical practices and beliefs but confessing sins to a priest is one of the most flagrant. Catholic surveys report only 12 percent of members obey their church and go to confession at least once a year while the other 88 percent allegedly incur a mortal sin. The Catholic hierarchy recognizes the system is a sham and is currently exploring alternatives.

We can expect escalating tensions over LGBTQ issues within evangelicalism.

“Let’s not write anything critical about the JWs. After all, they love Jesus too! Hold hands everyone and pass the cotton candy. ♪…Oh, Lord, Kumbaya…♪” Such is the state of some circles in evangelicalism.

When I was a young guy, the Blue Army was still going strong but the Catholic church’s turn from militancy demanded a name change. The reality nowadays is the majority of Catholics can’t be bothered with going to mandatory mass on Sunday let alone joining one of these hardcore outfits.

We attended a Southern Baptist Convention church for a year and the young pastor fresh out of seminary was quite enamored with Catholic theologians and philosophers including Peter Kreeft. In all his books, Kreeft propagates the Catholic gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit. I’m curious what Kreeft has to say in “Catholics and Protestants: What We Can Learn From Each Other” regarding Catholic efforts to regather the “separated brethren” and the betrayal of the Gospel by some evangelicals. Review to follow somewhere down the road.

This young Catholic argues that spiritualism/necromancy is perfectly fine. Many Catholics are open to necromancy because they have been taught to pray to dead “saints” their entire lives and they don’t read God’s Word. God strictly forbids necromancy in the Bible. Nowhere in Scripture does a believer pray to anyone other than God.

Catholicism’s close cousin, Eastern Orthodoxy, is full of ritual, ceremony, legalism, and formality, but the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone is conspicuously absent. AiG is dead-center correct about Hank Hanegraaff’s new Greek Orthodox religion although such “negativity” would turn off some evangelicals.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup – News & Views – 4/15/17

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks for the article. Yes, it was Maples who broke the Hanegraaff story. I’m not surprised at all given his ecumenical stance. Would a genuine blood-bought believer ever willingly return to chains? I don’t believe that’s possible. BTW, I’m adding P&P to my Links list. Something I’ve been meaning to do but you gave me the motivation!

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  1. Good to see Ken Ham take a stance for the truth even with the CRI issue with Hank Hanegraff. Those ceremony in Philippines always makes me sad to see so much harm to self when Christ already died for our sins…

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    1. Thanks for reading, Jim. Yes, glad to see AiG take a stand. It could have been a good teaching moment for the “evangelical community” but few would be willing to go there these days.

      Yup, there’s still pockets of the type of penitential extremism we see in the Philippines but self-inflicted pain and even injury was widespread among the Catholic religious orders in the past especially in monasteries. Several “saints” starved themselves to death as a result of extreme asceticism.

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