Graphic designer who helped launch “The Shack” now has deep regrets



William P. Young has been successfully propagating his universal reconciliation heresy via his novel, “The Shack,” and the film adaptation. In the article below, graphic designer, Dave Aldrich, speaks about how he participated in the publishing of “The Shack” but now has deep regrets.

‘I Have Deep Regrets’: Graphic Artist Who Designed ‘Shack’ Novel Renounces Book
By Heather Clark
April 10, 2017

The graphic artist who helped design the controversial best-selling novel “The Shack” has come forward to express his regret for being a part of the project out of his concern that it contains false doctrine.

“[O]ver 10 years ago, I was captivated by the story and felt honored to be part of the graphic creation of the book. I was so drawn into it, wanting to know the God it portrayed,” Dave Aldrich of Aldrich Design posted to social media on Tuesday. “The Shack’s story wonderfully painted this picture to me of an incredibly knowable and loving God, one full of forgiveness, but without being judgmental.”

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4 thoughts on “Graphic designer who helped launch “The Shack” now has deep regrets

    1. Yup, I thought it was a great article that points out the most dangerous aspect of The Shack. Christians who defend the exclusivity of the Gospel will be seen as bad guys even in “evangelical” circles.

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