Please pray for Paul Washer after heart attack


The media reported yesterday that 55-year-old preacher and missionary, Paul Washer (pictured), suffered a heart attack Monday night. See here.

A post on Paul’s Twitter account from one hour ago reports he’s doing well and resting comfortably. See here.

Please pray for Paul’s health.

There’s a ton of junk on the internet masquerading as “Christian,” but I’m grateful to the Lord for the sermons and teaching from godly preachers like Paul Washer. Paul’s sermons seem to specialize in zealous admonishment, not always easy to listen to but certainly needed in this day of wishy-washy, Laodicean Christianity.

Thank you.

23 thoughts on “Please pray for Paul Washer after heart attack

  1. Love his sense of humor on Twitter in that he “didn’t go to the third heaven” and “no books”. Others WOULD have done just that! So glad to have him back!!! Thanks Tom!

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    1. You’re welcome, Wally! Washer’s sermons have been a big inspiration to me in the last couple of years. By the way, how did you make out on your presentation Wednesday night?

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      1. Tom, thanks for asking. It ; went really well; God blessed it. I spent all day working on a Power Point and the words I wanted to say. I sort of ended up with a 3 part thing. Part one was people…us and the people of the land. Then we discussed and showed some of the things that make archaeology over there so complex. Finally, since I could not possible allow a chance like this to pass, we had a pictorial and map tour of the last day and night of our Lord’s life on earth, with plenty of “sermon” thrown in. The only real issue was….I talked for an hour and 15 minutes LOL, and never even took a breath. If I was the preacher, I would have been in trouble! We didn’t get done until 800. On the other hand, many hung around even after to talk more. Just a great evening.

        Keep me in mind for the rest of the week, too, Tom. Besides Wednesday night I teach our adult class Sunday morning and my Young Teen class Sunday night. It’s a load this week, and work has also been intense. I would appreciate it very much. The class Sunday is on Isaiah 7:14, and I want to give it an honest treatment as a Prophetic passage.

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      2. Sounds like a good presentation, Wally. We were all blessed by your photos and comments via WordPress and I thought your fellowship would be equally as blessed. Yup, I’ll be praying for you, brother!

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