Weekend Roundup – News & Commentary – 3/18/17


I wasn’t able to post a weekend roundup last Saturday because of the windstorm damage/loss of power so it was difficult to limit myself to only ten news reports this weekend. They removed the neighbor’s tree from our roof Monday a.m. and I secured a tarp over the damaged area that afternoon, right before the two feet of snow came down from winter storm, Stella. The insurance agent is coming on Monday to look at the damage and we have a contractor lined up. I’m thanking the Lord today for heat and light!

The Christian bookstore located near us isn’t a Family store but it’s also struggling. It recently relocated to a smaller space within the strip mall to save on rent, but at least it’s now in a more prominent position in the middle of the strip rather than at the far end. It was always questionable just how “Christian” all these Christian book stores actually were. I visit our store every month or so just to look around but the inventory is dominated by TBN-friendly, prosperity gospel materials. Of course there’s also a Catholic section filled with books that tell the reader they must receive sacramental grace and then obey the Ten Commandments and church rules in order to merit Heaven.

A week doesn’t go by without another sordid tale linked to clerical abuse. When will the carnage stop? I suspect that if we had a vantage point overlooking centuries of church history we would see that we’ve only barely skimmed the surface.

No, the Reformation is not over. The fight to uphold the Gospel by grace through faith continues.

A church with a “gospel” completely dependent on clergy-administered sacraments can’t continue the status quo with the dramatic decline in priests.

Francis continues to rankle church traditionalists. The first story brings to memory a financially strapped Catholic friend of mine, Jimmy, and his wife who already had five children but brought a sixth, Down’s Syndrome child into the world because their priest forbade them to use contraceptives when they went to him for advice. The couple is now divorced and the mongoloid child was sexually abused by a sibling. Where was the legalistic priest when this family was disintegrating?

Many Catholics claim C. S. Lewis was on his way to becoming Roman Catholic and I would agree given his non-Biblical beliefs (see here), yet evangelical pastors quote him from the pulpit as if he were Christ Himself.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup – News & Commentary – 3/18/17

    1. Thank you Maria, for both sentiments! Yes, it’s so nice to be warm and have light. It often takes a setback like that to appreciate the things we take for granted. Oh, yes, I’m grateful!

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      1. Thank you, Maria, and I hope you have an enjoyable Lord’s day as well? My bride still slumbers so we may go to the 10:30 service instead of our usual 9. No biggie! It’s such a joy to worship with our brothers and sisters and to hear from the Lord!

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