God is not that fuzzy notion you dreamed up in your head!


None Other: Discovering the God of the Bible
By John MacArthur
Reformation Trust Publishing, 2017, 134 pages

Many people have in their minds their own distorted conception of “God” based upon cultural influences, non-Scriptural teachings of religious institutions, and their own ideas. But surely the God of the Universe is not revealed by the whimsy of imperfect human beings. Wouldn’t God give us a definitive guide as to who He really is? Yes, He has! God reveals Himself to mankind through His Word. The Bible is the only sure and true source of information about God.

In the six chapters of this short book, pastor John MacArthur focuses on on some of the basic characteristics of God made manifest by Scripture:

  • The God of the Bible is Gracious
  • The God of the Bible is Sovereign
  • The God of the Bible is Good and Powerful
  • The God of the Bible is Holy
  • The God of the Bible is Loving
  • The God of the Bible is a Saving God

In the first chapter, MacArthur explains the graciousness of God from a Reformed/Calvinist perspective with emphasis on election/predestination. I’m personally somewhere in the middle of the Arminius-Calvin debate (probably leaning a bit more toward Calvin). But don’t be alarmed my Arminian friends! In the second chapter, MacArthur comments on the sovereignty of God and actually does an even-handed job of juxtaposing Bible passages that support God’s overriding will with passages that support man’s free will. The remaining chapters continue to examine the amazing and glorious characteristics of God, leading the reader to the “Good News” of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

This short, Scripture-filled book would make a great gift for unbelievers who are open to examining Christianity, to young believers who are new to the faith, and to those who accepted Christ decades ago but would enjoy a grounding in some of the main attributes of God once again.

6 thoughts on “God is not that fuzzy notion you dreamed up in your head!

    1. Hey John. B&N seems to be much more receptive to stocking books written by TBN personalities, at least that’s my experience with our local B&N. Of course, they’re only giving the public what they demand. You may have to go the Amazon route.

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