I love you, Jesus!!!

Many of you know I walked away from the Lord for a very long period. But when I returnedilyj to Him three years ago, OH! to be welcomed back in His arms again! And it wasn’t so much that I returned to Him, but He had kept calling me back to Him all that time.

Shortly after my return, someone placed a white sign on the Tryon Park overpass over Interstate 590 North, which read, “I Love You, Jesus!” So every day,  half-way on my drive into work, I got to read “I Love You, Jesus.” What a way to start the day! Yes, I do love you, Jesus! For paying the penalty for my sins. For knocking on the door of my soul. For saving me and being my Shepherd, my Rock, and my High Tower. The sign came down several times and was quickly replaced but then there was an interval of about two years with no sign. Argh! But when I drove to work yesterday, there it was again; “I Love You, Jesus.” Praise the Lord! Tens of thousands of people pass under that sign everyday and I know it will convict both unbelievers and backslidden saints. Praise Jesus!

My parents weren’t mushy by any stretch. They kept their emotions pretty close to the vest. Growing up, the only time I came across “We love you” was on birthday cards. It was easy to tell my wife I loved her because romance will generally do that to you but growing up the way I did, it was hard for me to say it to anyone else, even to our two sons. I still struggle. I even struggle to say “I love you” to the Lord when I pray aloud to Him with my wife. Yes, I love you Jesus! I love You!!! Let’s hang a sign from every overpass! Lord bless the sign hangers, the literal ones and those who show their love for the Lord with their lives!

“We love him, because he first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19 

“And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” – Deuteronomy 6:5

8 thoughts on “I love you, Jesus!!!

  1. Really like that last sentence…”Lord bless the sign hangers, the literal ones and those who show their love for the Lord with their lives!” It reminds me of the often repeated statement “Actions speak louder than words.” I watch people a lot, like in the food court. And you can se two different dads bringing a tray of food to their spouse and or children and neither one can say anything, but one of them you you can just feel, I don’t know how, but you can just feel that he’s doing it with the love of Christ. Anyway, enjoyed this post!

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    1. Thanks, NBG! Funny you should mention that last sentence. I was all done writing and ready to publish but it was like the Holy Spirit giving me one of those, naw, you forgot something. Thanks for the perspective. When a saint is walking closely with the Lord, yes, there’s an unmistakable love in the air.

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      1. Indeed so, Tom. Sometimes the simple is sublime.

        I was talking to Fran(Francesrogers). Don’t know if you have seen her around. She was talking about the internet Christian blog world being such a network of learning and encouragement.

        Of course, being a hardcore local church guy, I would never say this is a substitute, but it is a great addition. Honestly, I seen and am exposed to things here that I would never even hear talked about at church. That gives me the chance to compare new and differing thoughts to what scripture actually says.

        Shockingly, I have found that I don’t necessarily walk in lockstep with all the brothers and sisters I serve with in my local assembly. Of course, I don’t vary in a major way, but on some smaller issues.

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    1. Thanks, Jim! Writing that post helped me realize that I need to love on my Savior more. I didn’t mention it in the post but the person put a sign over the southbound traffic lanes as well!

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