Weekend Roundup – News & Views – 1/14/17

Happy Weekend! Time to sort through the news that collected in my in-basket for the lasttm seven days.

When I was a kid growing up back in the 1960s, someone gave me a one-year gift subscription to “Highlights.” Featuring same-sex parents back then would have put the magazine out of business. Today, it’s an expectation.

The “Amoris” controversy continues to churn in a big way. Evangelicals might say, “Who cares?,” but “Amoris” is paving the way for expanding ecumenism with the separated brethren, as some of the articles point out.

Yes, Francis prioritizes ecumenism over doctrinal rigidity. “Amoris” can only be understood within this context. First, communion for remarrieds, then communion for Protestants.

Catholics of various regions have their own special icons. Being half-Polish, I’m very familiar with the Our Lady of Czestochowa icon in Poland. The importance of these regional/national icons to their devotees cannot be overexaggerated. The Bible clearly teaches that adoration of these types of “holy” objects is idolatry.

Catholicism of the Middle Ages equated virginity with moral and spiritual purity, especially with regards to women. Therefore, Catholic theologians maintained Mary’s perpetual virginity even after Jesus’ birth, going so far as to claim that baby Jesus miraculously passed through her hymen without breaking it. Regarding the second article, weeping statues and paintings of Mary can be attributed to either human intervention or demonic activity.

Evangelicals point to the repentant thief on the cross next to Jesus as an example from Scripture that salvation is by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Roman Catholics, who believe baptism is absolutely essential to salvation, say, “Not so fast.” They say the thief would have gotten baptized if he had the chance so he was therefore “baptized by desire.”

The vast majority of Roman Catholics actually know very little about the details of their complicated religion. Praise the Lord that the Gospel of grace through faith is so simple even a child can understand it.

In Martin Scorcese’s latest film, “Silence,” Japanese pagans force Japanese Catholics and their Jesuit missionary priests to renounce their religion or be executed. The religion the Jesuits brought to Japan was not the Good News! of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. So why would Wheaton College, supposedly an evangelical school, include the original “Silence” novel as part of its curriculum and present the Jesuits’ gospel of sacramental grace and merit as Christianity? Did Wheaton’s distinguished professors never hear of the Reformation? Oh, there I go; being divisive again.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup – News & Views – 1/14/17

    1. Yes, I often wonder what goes through evangelicals’ heads when it comes to Catholicism. How do they reconcile that church’s gospel of works and merit with the Gospel of grace? It’s spiritual blindness on the part of God’s children. I could get crazy frustrated but I know it’s all part of the Lord’s big plan.

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