Preparing Catholics for Eternity

Preparing Catholics for Eternitygend
By Mike Gendron
21st Century Press, 2005, 192 pages

Preparing Catholics for Eternity* is a valuable resource for Catholics and for evangelicals who are interested in witnessing to Catholics. The Catholic teaching on several subjects is presented including authority, justification, tradition, Mary, the mass – with quotes from the Catholic catechism followed by a rebuttal from Gendron with verses from Scripture. This book is a good introduction to the differences between Catholicism and Biblical Christianity.

Gendron is an ex-Catholic and a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary who has been reaching out to Catholics with the Gospel for 25 years through Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry. A link to the web site is below:

Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry

*Later editions of this book are titled Preparing for Eternity, which is available at See here.


4 thoughts on “Preparing Catholics for Eternity

    1. Yes, I’m grateful for Gendron’s ministry, also. There’s only a handful of ministries reaching out to Catholics and warning evangelicals of ecumenism with Rome. Mike writes briefly in the book that fewer and fewer evangelical churches are inviting him to speak.

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