Weekend Roundup – News and Views – 12/31/16

I hope everyone has a blessed New Year! Here’s some of the news reports that caught mydt eye from the last seven days:

I’m not a fan of politics but I do think it’s interesting that Trump chose Paula White (pictured) to pray at his inauguration. She’s certainly not my cup of tea but no more so than several of the other folks that were invited to pray. I actually think a prosperity gospel preacher complements Trump’s mindset quite well.

“You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.” – James 4:4-5

The irony about Graham is no one has led more people to Christ and yet no one is more responsible for muddying the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Expect more and more pastors to lead their flocks into error on this issue.

Fewer and fewer evangelical pastors are taking a stand against the errors of Rome. I’m grateful some still have a backbone.

How does Osteen sleep at night?

The Amoris controversy continues to churn but it remains to be seen whether cardinal Burke and company will break away from Rome.

There actually is no hope in Rome’s gospel of sacramental grace and merit.

A small percentage of Catholics still believe their church’s teaching that if they miss mass on Sunday they are doomed to hell. So they anxiously await word from their bishop or priest during periods of inclement weather to hear if the obligation has been lifted.

What’s happening in Brazil is happening throughout South America; many are leaving Catholicism for “evangelicalism.” Unfortunately, many of the churches involved preach the prosperity gospel.

Catholicism has always utilized syncretism – the mixture of paganism with (c)hristianity.

Catholic seminaries both attracted and promoted sexual deviancy. At the Catholic high school I attended, several of the Christian Brothers were obviously gay. One of my guidance counselors circumspectly attempted to “befriend” me. We all laughed about it at the time.

Catholics love to tell of historical anti-Catholicism in this country but they’re oddly silent about the persecution of Protestants in Catholic Europe which fueled the fear and distrust.

Since as long as I can remember, Israel has gone to the diplomatic negotiations table while simultaneously building settlements in disputed territory. It’s my opinion that the Lord providentially raised up the United States to be a strong and powerful nation so that it could support the re-born nation of Israel in its struggle to survive.

The Church Militant people and other likeminded traditionalists remind me of the Catholicism of my youth when we were taught all Protestants were going to hell.

I’m always encouraged whenever I hear about Catholics reading the Bible for themselves. Some who read God’s Word will notice the incongruity between Scripture and their church and will leave Catholicism and accept Christ.

U.S. Catholic churches are closing at an amazing rate as fewer and fewer Catholics support their church. One of the reason for the closings is a number of Catholics have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and are joining growing evangelical fellowships. Many Catholic families now have one of those “born-again” black sheep in the fold. Praise Jesus!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup – News and Views – 12/31/16

  1. Interesting on Brazil, Tom. I talk pretty regularly with a guy who is a Pastor in Brazil. He seems to think that the biggest issue he sees down there now is not so much the Catholic churches teachings, but the wave of really outlandish prosperity Gospel that is being preached. He fears many are leaving the Catholic church only to all into another bad teaching.

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    1. Thanks, Wally. Yes, you’re right. There’s probably enough of the genuine Gospel in some of those prosperity churches for some people to accept Christ and be saved but there’s no doubt that a gospel that promises wealth and riches if you have enough faith would have great appeal to the poor. Sure I’ll “accept Jesus” whatever that means if I can get out of this squalor. I’ve read the same thing is going on in Africa.

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      1. I have heard the same, Tom. You are likely correct, there is probably enough Gospel there for folks to be saved, but the impact on their long term walk with the Lord is huge…when all of the promises don’t come true.

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  2. “Catholics love to tell of historical anti-Catholicism in this country but they’re oddly silent about the persecution of Protestants in Catholic Europe which fueled the fear and distrust.”
    So right on. Nor do they say anything about how in some part of south and central America Catholics continue to persecute Christians…

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