Weekend Update – News & Views – 12/17/16

I hope you all had a pleasant week. Here’s some news clips from the previous seven days:koc

Catholics were forbidden to join the Masons so the Knights of Colombus was created as a Catholic alternative. Remember the ads in the newspaper many years ago from the Knights offering free pamphlets about the Catholic religion (see photo)? The big hats with the plumes and the drawn swords just don’t fit into the age of the internet.

Even Darwin regretted that the fossil record didn’t provide evidence of transitional species.

The heated debate over communion for remarried Catholics continues. Will the Catholic church divide over this controversy? Many Catholic media outlets have been reluctant to acknowledge this feud between the pope and the conservative wing of the church but are now beginning to publicly acknowledge that this thing is a big deal.

Why would Catholics be more committed to their workplace than evangelicals? It occurs to me that there’s a larger percentage of Catholics in the industrial Northeast where many people were/are employed at a single company for many years and loyalty was fostered between employee and company?

Traditionalist Catholics don’t like ecumenism either. “Kind-hearted” evangelicals want to reach out and embrace everyone who names Jesus Christ as fellow believers but in order to do that they must compromise and betray the Gospel of grace.

If you constantly scan the Catholic news like I do, you’ll often see articles about Mary but rarely will you see an article about Jesus Christ.

Seventy-six percent of Catholics do not attend mass every Sunday, even though they are required to attend upon threat of eternal damnation. My heart sorrows for Catholic children raised in a religious system of legalism and ritual.

It wasn’t too long ago that Catholic clerical fascism ruled over many countries in Europe or played a significant role in national politics (e.g., Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Vichy France, Croatia, Poland, Italy). We’re now seeing a resurgence of far-right Catholic nationalism in such countries as France, Poland, and Hungary.

Opus Dei is Catholicism on steroids. Those people take their religion seriously (wearing cilices, self-flagellating, etc.) but there’s no sign of the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

I’m saddened by this news regarding R.C. Sproul Jr. We need to pray for him and his family. I’m posting this to remind us that we are nothing without the Lord. There is no goodness in our own flesh. “Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall” – 1 Corinthians 10:12

8 thoughts on “Weekend Update – News & Views – 12/17/16

    1. Wally, I read several things about Freemasonry way, way back when I was studying Mormonism. Joseph Smith was a Mason and patterned some of the secret Mormon Temple rites after the Masonic rites. So, Freemasonry is not a religion per se, a male of any religion may join, but it does have some religious foundations and several of those don’t align with evangelical orthodoxy. Freemasonry was extremely popular in this country at one time, it was THE way to network in the old days. Many evangelicals including pastors were members, which is hard for me to comprehend. An evangelical had to do a good amount of compromising of the Gospel to be a Mason.

      I found the article below which I’m pretty much in agreement with. I’m curious what your views on Freemasonry are, Wally?


      1. I totally concur with that, Tom. I figured you would see it that way, so I am not shocked. I checked into it because a fellow I still respect deeply and am friends with has been a member for years…and a deacon in one of our churches. It made me sad honestly. Men do it for the social/cultural advantages and don’t really think about the Gospel implications of it. Some of what is practiced is beyond just getting off the orthodox path really.

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    1. Thanks, Jim. I would imagine Sproul Jr. might be in a bit of a depression following the death of his wife and is making some bad choices. No, I don’t personally know anyone from OD but I’ve read several accounts. Yes, it’s hardcore Catholicism the way it used to be for many Catholics say 100 years ago.

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