Weekend Update – News & Views – 12/10/16

Things were relatively quiet in the news department this past week. Let’s take a look:igwt

Many American Christians like and defend the “In God We Trust” motto on the nation’s currency, a holdover from the “America the Christian nation” mindset. I’m of the opinion that only people can become Christian, not nations, and that one religious group’s imposing of its beliefs upon the country is no longer tenable. It’s time for evangelical Christians to focus on spreading the Gospel in this country rather than defending a dearly-held but false notion of America being a “Christian nation,” as if it were in some kind of covenant relationship with God like ancient Israel.

The controversy over Francis opening the door to communion for divorced and remarried Catholics continues to swirl. The vast majority of the Catholic laity “love” Francis but we must also note that the vast majority of Catholics also ignore Francis’s and the Catholic church’s teachings on obligatory mass attendance, obligatory confession, birth control, etc.

This past Thursday was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Was Mary born without a sin nature and did she live a sinless life? Catholics claim so but such beliefs are anti-Biblical. Which is right; God’s Word or the Catholic church? Catholics were obligated to attend mass on Thursday to celebrate the feast but the overwhelming majority stayed home thereby picking up a mortal sin. Let’s be blunt; most Catholics can’t make it to obligatory mass on Sunday let alone during the week.

This persecution of evangelicals in Southern Mexico goes on, and on, and on. Why don’t the Mexican Catholic bishops do something? Why won’t the pope address this? If the situation was reversed and Catholics were being persecuted by evangelicals, the Vatican would be screaming bloody murder.

In another era, Democratic political bosses enlisted Catholic immigrants in the factories and sweatshops. But conservative Catholics are becoming increasingly estranged from the party of abortion rights, gay marriage rights, and transgender rights.

I don’t agree with Pastor Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas on much else besides the Gospel but he’s right about not bothering to try to overturn gay marriage law at this point. In an increasingly secularized society, that horse is not going back into the barn. I did get a chuckle though from Jeffress referring to some other evangelicals as “hard-right.” You mean to tell me there’s evangelicals farther to the right than Jeffress?

Many Catholics voted for Trump because of his stand against abortion (albeit a very weak stand). But when Trump starts ordering the roundup of illegal immigrants, watch liberal Catholic bishops kick into high gear.


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