Weekend Roundup – News & Views – 12/3/16

I hope everyone had a great week! Let’s take a look back on the news of the last sevenfgc days:

Leading people to Christ is very good. Equipping people to be better follows of Christ is also very good. Growth for the sake of growth and $$$ is not good. Pastors have to stay on course. The temptation is to water down the Gospel to appeal to the largest numbers. But it is interesting that churches that teach a literal interpretation of the Bible are the ones that are growing.

Yes, this standoff between the conservative cardinals and pope over the issue of communion for remarried Catholics is generating a LOT of media attention. We haven’t seen this kind of rebellion against a pope since archbishop Marcel Lefebvre broke away to form The Society of Saint Pius X in 1970.

Burke is one of the four cardinals openly challenging Francis on the communion-for-remarried-Catholics controversy but he disagrees with the pope on other matters as well.

Conservative cardinals are challenging the pope while conservative priests are challenging their liberal bishops.

Being on the “same page” with your spouse on spiritual matters is a great blessing. Attending church together along with reading God’s Word and praying together is a little bit of Heaven here on Earth.

The Catholic church taught that women separated unto God in religious orders were spiritually superior to “laywomen.” Luther preached from God’s Word that we can bring glory to God in ALL of our occupations and endeavors.

These alleged Marian appearances are sheer idolatry and marks of a counterfeit (c)hristianity.

Relatively few Catholics read the Bible daily. Bible reading was never “pushed” in Catholic churches or schools. Why? Part of the reason is there’s many teachings in the Bible that don’t agree with Catholic theology. Catholics say they pretty much read through the entire Bible in the course of three years via their mass liturgy but what percentage of Catholics attend mass every day? Less than 1%.

The Law and Justice ( Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc) political party regained control of the Polish government in the 2015 elections. PiS is comprised of traditionalist Catholic Poles, many of whom would like to see all non-ethnic Poles and non-Catholics banished from the country. Prior to Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939, the Polish-Catholic nationalist government was reviewing options on banishing Jews from the country.

Another battle between Catholic liberals and traditionalists.

Catholic traditionalists are wary of the “Alpha” courses and evangelicals should be as well.

Trump and the prosperity gospel preacher$ are on the same page. Enough said.

Another example of evangelical ecumenists betraying the Gospel of grace.

Interesting historical information. I’ve commented previously on Guy Fawkes and the Catholic plot to blow up the British Parliament in 1605.

When I was a young Catholic, hell was presented as a place of great pain and suffering. We now hear the pope and Catholic commentators say the pain of hell will only be separation from God. Yet Jesus Christ described hell in some detail as a place of great torment: https://www.crossway.org/blog/2014/05/what-did-jesus-teach-about-hell/

Procuring plenary indulgences for temporal punishment in purgatory by passing through the holy doors designated by the church had to be one of the biggest religious scams of the past year.

Commandment #8: You shall not steal.


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