Weekend Roundup – News and Views – 11/26/16

I hope everyone has recovered from their turkey hangovers at this point as we take a look back at the news of thehd last seven days.

Now that the “holy doors” are closed, Roman Catholics will have to get their “plenary indulgences for temporal punishment in purgatory” elsewhere. If that all seems like a bunch of unintelligible religious gobbledygook to you, see here.

A few days ago, I mentioned that a New York court recently ruled that the remains of television celebrity, bishop Fulton Sheen, could be moved from New York to Peoria, IL (see here), but cardinal Dolan of New York City is still fighting to keep the future saint’s body at Saint Patrick’s cathedral. To those unfamiliar with Catholic turf wars, this must seem like really strange stuff.

This historic stand-off between the four conservative cardinals (and the many others they represent) and Francis continues. The daily Catholic talk radio show I listen to has understandably avoided this controversy because it certainly doesn’t reflect well on the myth of Catholics marching in lockstep behind their infallible pope.

I’m in agreement with Luther on most of the 50 items as they’re stated here but I never received my formal excommunication even though I requested it.

Priests in the US and some other countries are already able to forgive women who have had abortions but that ability has now been conferred to priests throughout the world. If it seems very strange to you that some priests allegedly have powers that others don’t based on national borders, see my earlier thoughts on the topic here.

“Yes, I’ll eat your Protestant turkey but I’m eating it under protest!” Relax and just go with the flow, my Catholic friend. The traditionalist Catholic writer of this article reminds me of Nikita Khrushchev insisting that the Russians invented everything.

Since no one is perfect, exactly how “faithful” does one have to be to merit Heaven? I’m so grateful the Holy Spirit revealed my sinfulness to me and the Good News! of salvation by God’s grace through simple faith in Jesus Christ alone. Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and run from institutional religion.

St. Malachy’s infamous “Prophecy of the Popes” turned out to be a forgery and is completely bogus.

There’s no doubt that Osteen’s Bible suffers from neglect. Major portions  – those dealing with any and all hardship and persecution – are apparently never read.

Everyone who reaches out to Catholics with the Gospel is labeled “anti-Catholic” and in this era of tolerance and plurality nobody likes an “anti” anything.

More criticism of the late hyper-fundamentalist, Jack Chick, this time from a Catholic perspective. Unfortunately, Chick’s irresponsible worldwide Jesuit conspiracy theories smirched credible Christian outreach to Roman Catholics.

Connecticut turns out to be a leading indicator of the general decline of Catholicism in the U.S.

Catholicism occupies itself with such minutiae as which way the priest should be facing during mass while they deny the Good News! of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

The Catholic church partnered with repressive and murderous political regimes in Europe, Latin America, and Africa right up into the 20th century in the effort to discourage and eliminate Protestant “heresy.”

Speaking of Catholic persecution, this article refers to a new book written about the ongoing Catholic persecution of evangelicals in Southern Mexico, which I’ve been posting about for over a year.

Well, isn’t this refreshing! Here’s a Roman Catholic who admits some of the prejudice against Catholics in the U.S. was a reaction to Catholic intolerance elsewhere. Objective assessments like this one are hard to find.

The Protestant mission of returning the church to the simple, saving Gospel had its challenges. Here’s an interesting history lesson.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup – News and Views – 11/26/16

  1. I wonder whether the rest of the Catholic church leadership want to get rid of this current pope. He’s so immature trying to be the rock star in popularity but he’s going to make it hard for the next pope.
    Either way he needs to repent and trust in Christ.

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    1. Thanks, Jim. Initially, conservative Catholics defended Francis and said he was being baited or misquoted by the media. But they eventually had to concede that Francis was defying dogma. But Francis, like the other pragmatists in the church, recognizes the status quo isn’t working – only 24% of American Catholics attend obligatory mass every Sunday – and is trying to keep seats in the pews with these reforms. But this confrontation by the conservative cardinals is a very big deal. If Francis doesn’t respond to their demands, they could potentially force a schism. Yes, the bottom line is the Gospel is not preached in Catholic churches.

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      1. That’s for sure. I don’t recall another incident such as this where a group of cardinals publicly challenged a pope and threatened to declare him a heretic. I’ve been watching Catholic news closely for the last 18 months and I could definitely see this train coming down the tracks.

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    1. New England is probably the most liberal area of the country. Traditional Catholicism resonates with fewer and fewer. Of course there’s not much of an evangelical presence over there either or here in New York.

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