Taking the NFL thing a little too far

I’m not a big fan of “Good Morning, America” but it comes on right after my favorite localboys morning news show and about 15 minutes before I leave for work. This morning, one of GMA’s lead stories was about how a church in Dallas, Texas had shown the first-place, 8-1 Dallas Cowboys versus the Baltimore Ravens football game on one of their big screens “during” the church service. Are you kidding me? Have evangelical churches sunk that low?

From the article below, we learn that the church in question was Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, but according to a comment from a church member the game was presented “after” worship service and before some other event. GMA strikes again!

Dallas Church Plays Cowboys Game During Service

I know football is religion for many people. Even many Christians get more worked up about the NFL and/or college football than they do about Jesus Christ. Men, if we only had a fraction of the passion for Jesus Christ and lost souls that we do for weekend football!

Now, I’m not going to begrudge anyone a little entertainment. Far be it from me! I certainly have my own hobbies and interests. But let’s get our priorities straight. As for showing a football game in the sanctuary between events so the fans can go to church and still get their ‘Boys fix…well, you might call me a legalist but that strikes me as a bit off kilter.

11 thoughts on “Taking the NFL thing a little too far

  1. God said in His word that men will become lovers of themselves . I love football myself but nothing comes before my God. And the church who actually allowed the game to play in church, I have to question their motives

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    1. Thanks. I have favorite teams in all four major team sports although I’m no longer the rabid fan I once was. But showing games in the church sanctuary after service just doesn’t seem appropriate. All I can think of is Jesus finishing up a long sermon to a crowd and one of the apostles getting antsy because there was going to be a great gladiator match down at the local arena.

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  2. I’m with you Tom. It’s not legalistic….it’s simple reverence for what is really a Holy place. Just my two cents.

    Awe, reverence and obedience are NOT legalism. Well, you gonna get me started LOL. I will be preaching about legalism versus license in a minute.

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      1. Totally off topic but on comment lol

        If guy asked me my denomination my answer is I don’t belong to one.

        I am a member of a local New Testament Church which is accountable only to the Lord Jesus

        We do form associations for the purpose of conducting business but the are not permanent and have no authority

        So tell you what. You get sent out and start a church. I will too. The we will form an association

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      2. Yup, I follow you, Wally. I know with Baptists the local church is self-governing but I always slip and call Baptists a denomination. I mentioned to you before our church is non-denominational with Baptist roots. Denominationalism is not what is used to be. Everyone needs to check each individual church’s web site to see what they believe.

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      3. Well the Southern Baptist I Think do say they are

        It’s complex huh

        I actually had never been taught that about us until I was reading an article in the paper put out by the Seminary

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      4. The Roman Catholic church does not consider itself to be a denomination. It claims to be the one true church and all other groups are denominations.


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