Weekend Roundup – News & Views – 11/20/16

Post-presidential election news reports are clogging the internet but let’s see if we can tiptoenbc around them.

Time to throw out all the copies of the old “The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism (No.2).”  None of the children in the illustrations appear to be anything other than WNECs (White Northern European Catholic). But even as the percentage of Hispanic Catholics rises in the U.S., an increasing number of Hispanics are accepting Christ as Savior and leaving Catholicism.

This past Friday I posted a message about the escalating tensions between pope Francis and conservative cardinals over the issue of communion for remarried Catholics. See here. The cardinals have drawn a line in the sand and threaten to declare Francis a heretic if he does not amend or withdraw his reversal of what was always considered infallible doctrine. You won’t find better drama on cable television, folks, and the controversy speaks volumes about the dearly-held Catholic doctrine of papal infallibility.

Make no mistake, Francis is stacking the deck to ensure the next pope shares his pragmatic liberal bent.

Veneration of relics (body parts or personal items) of dead “saints” is an important component of Roman Catholicism. Relics traffickers thrived in the Middle Ages selling alleged body parts and personal effects of apostles and other believers cited in the New Testament. No need to venerate bogus body parts, friends. Just accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by faith.

Those magnificent cathedrals in Europe, mostly built on the backs of credulous peasants, are all whitewashed sepulchres. There’s no Gospel being preached in those tombs.

Yes, I know. One slipped through. I’m trying to stay away from news about presidential politics but this interesting article speculates how the election of Trump might prod American Catholicism to the Left.

Representatives of Catholicism and liberal Lutheranism signed a unity accord on Reformation Day. But born-again followers of Christ still proclaim the Good News! of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone while the Catholic church still teaches the same gospel of sacramental grace and merit that it taught in 1517. Nothing has changed.

Some young men in seminary are undoubtedly thinking, “When I get out of here, how do I get me one of those 10,000 member mega-churches they list in Outreach magazine so I can live in a mega-mansion like Joel Osteen?”

We’re all sinners, me most of all, but the decision of a growing number of churches to accept proud and practicing LGBTQ as leaders and to conduct same-sex wedding ceremonies is contrary to God’s Word. Expect this trend to pick up steam within evangelicalism. We already see equivocation and compromise on the issue in such places as the Hillsong prosperity gospel mega-church.

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    1. Thanks, Maria! Yes, I also thought the “witless worm” comment was quite a gem! Catholic apologists like to portray their church as being in lock-step behind the pope but nothing could be farther from the truth.

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