WTLM’s drive-by, scorched earth “evangelism” is most unfortunate and imprudent

Readers of this blog know most of my posts deal with the differences between the Gospeldb of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone and Roman Catholicism’s gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit. My posts are usually tagged as “Catholic,” “Catholicism,” “Evangelical,” “Christianity,” etc.

About once a day it was my habit to check the posts at WordPress tagged as “Catholic” to see what Catholics and others were writing about. There were usually around 20-25 posts each day and many of the contributors were regulars.

Recently, an entity named “WTLM Ministries” associated with the Seventh-Day Adventists has been posting on WordPress any and all daily news items associated with Catholicism via drive-by, automated electronic feed. The result is literally hundreds of posts each and every day under the “Catholic” tag. I counted over 300 for yesterday alone. There’s no commentary, just Catholic news, Catholic news, Catholic news, and more Catholic news ad infinitum with a little SDA news mixed in here and there. WTLM advertises this “service” as “Automated News About Religious Apostasy in their Own Words” but what they’ve done is bulldozed a forum that often served as an exchange of viewpoints between Catholics and evangelicals. Yes, they’ve won. They’ve scorched the earth and hoisted their WTLM flag on the top of the “Catholic” hill. But everyone else has gone home. Most unfortunate and imprudent.

7 thoughts on “WTLM’s drive-by, scorched earth “evangelism” is most unfortunate and imprudent

  1. Interestingly enough that they would post Catholic “news”! I find this to be revealing in a sense. The Roman Catholic Church “changes” and so there must be “news”! The Gospel of Jesus Christ never changes. It does not drift with the winds of social changes. Posting under that moniker
    “WTLM Ministries” sound disingenuous.
    Thanks for the post, I will check them out.
    God Bless!

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    1. I don’t know what the person is thinking. Zilch is accomplished because no one is actually reading the rapid fire news blips and, as you say, all thoughtful interchange has been completely squashed.

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    1. No Jim, it was more like 320 in one day that I counted. And it’s like that every day. The guy must have set up an automated feed. He’s completely obliterated the category.

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