Weekend Update – News & Views – 11/12/16

Well, it’s finally over! Donald J. Trump is headed to the Oval Office as the 45th President oftrump the United States and Hillary Clinton is headed home. Get ready, folks. It’s going to be an interesting ride with ham-fisted Donald at the wheel.

It was expected that the majority of Catholics would support Clinton but the hierarchy pushed hard on the right-to-life and religious freedom issues. The leaked emails revealing Clinton’s campaign executives’ disdain for traditional Catholicism didn’t help her cause either. As expected, the vast majority of those who identified as evangelicals (80% of White evangelicals) supported Trump. I could not vote for Clinton because of her support of abortion and other anti-family policies. Neither could I vote for the blustering demagogue, Trump. Now that it’s over, I pray for all of our governmental leaders that they accept Christ and protect religious freedoms in this country so that the Gospel may continue to go out unimpeded.

Just a few days before the election, a couple of Catholic priests made national headlines by pushing their anti-Hillary positions to the very edge of the envelope…

Priest Frank Pavone caused quite a stir with his Facebook video in which he urged Catholics to vote for Trump as he spoke before the body of an aborted fetus on the altar of a Catholic church. There are few things I agree with the Catholic church about, but we do stand together against abortion of the unborn. 58 million babies have been murdered in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

On Sunday, October 16th, priest Richard Perozich’s church distributed bulletins with fliers that declared it was a mortal sin to vote for Democrats. Two weeks later, a second flier mentioned Clinton by name and said she was under the influence of Satan. Perozich claimed he wasn’t responsible for the fliers although some of his previous homilies echoed the same sentiments in much more veiled terms.

Francis loves to sock it to church traditionalists whenever he has an opportunity. The Catholic mass is unscriptural on so many levels but why would someone want to sit for one second at an hour-long religious ritual in which the leader spoke in a language they didn’t understand? This is blatantly loving tradition solely for tradition’s sake with no desire for spiritual truth.

This Jesuit magazine article confirms what the folks at Lighthouse Trails Research have been saying for a long time; that Catholic contemplative spirituality disciplines and mysticism are spreading like cancer through “progressive” evangelical churches.

On Sunday, November 20, Catholicism’s Year of Mercy comes to an end and pilgrims will no longer be able to receive plenary indulgences (full pardons for temporal punishments that would otherwise be suffered in Purgatory) by walking through holy doors designated by the church. Most evangelicals are unaware of the bizarre and anti-biblical aspects of Catholicism exemplified by the holy doors. See my earlier post on the topic here.

Another weekly batch of reports focused on Catholic-Protestant ecumenism. In the first article, Archbishop Felix Machado unabashedly challenges his fellow Catholics to “exploit” the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation to gain closer ecumenical ties with Protestants.

The story of flamboyant priest and founder of a religious order, father Marcial Marciel, is a sordid tale of predatory sexual abuse. The Vatican knew of Marciel’s predilection for boys and young men back in the 1950s but saint John Paul II and preceding popes were strong supporters. There’s a documentary on Marciel that I’ve been meaning to watch, “Vows Of Silence: El Legionario de Cristo,” but Amazon has removed it from availability at this time.


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    1. Yup, I’m guessing around 80% of the news items I collect every week are directly related to Catholicism. I’m glad the elections over. The past couple of months, when I searched Google News using “Catholicism” or “evangelical” probably about 90% of the articles had to do with the election.

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