Weekend Update – News & Views – 11/5/16

As we head toward the final stretch in the presidential election there were actually quite agf few non-election stories in the news this past week:

On this date, Nov. 5, in Great Britain they celebrate Bonfire Night, previously known as Guy Fawkes Day in England and Pope’s Day in colonial America. In the old days things could get a bit rowdy down by the docks and taverns. Interesting Catholic, Guy Fawkes.

This past Wednesday, Catholics all over the world prayed for souls in Purgatory. Roman Catholicism teaches many people must suffer in the flames of Purgatory as a cleansing before they can enter Heaven but Purgatory cannot be found in Scripture. It’s a Catholic invention that became a cash cow for the church. Relatives and friends were encouraged to buy indulgences or contribute to masses offered up for their deceased loved ones.

Catholic progressives were hoping for better from Francis. My opinion is Catholicism will eventually ordain women and allow priests to marry as pragmatic reforms although John Paul II’s Ordinatio Sacerdotalis (Priestly Ordination) 1994 encyclical is a bit of a road block. However, in the past Catholicism has changed course on equally irrevocable doctrines.

Talk about making headlines in an effort to sell a book! A liberal (c)hristian academic says the Bible is “just a collection of Jewish storytelling.”

Catholicism is a mixture of (c)hristianity and paganism. We see blatant examples of Catholic syncretism in Caribbean and Latin American cultures but you’ll also find it in the parlors of Philadelphia and Boston with the use of rosary beads, crucifixes, scapulars, holy water, etc.

Forced celibacy both attracts and fosters deviancy.

The walls of restraint are tumbling. Sin is rampant. Shine the Light.

Catholicism focuses on the physical rather than the spiritual. It’s not the touching, tasting, and seeing that’s important. It’s believing in Jesus Christ and accepting Him as Savior by faith that’s important. This discovery could be Jesus’ burial bed or it may not be. My salvation in Jesus Christ through faith has nothing to do with religious objects.

What’s more dangerous to Gospel witness and the salvation of souls? Ouija boards or the betrayal of the Gospel by ecumenists, Graham and Strobel?

You’re an evangelical Christian and you fall in love with a Roman Catholic and decide to marry. No big deal, right? People like Billy Graham and Lee Strobel say Catholics are Christians too. Your fiance talks about “Jesus” and “faith” just like you do so everything must be cool. You’re married in a Catholic church because your spouse is required to. You sign a document presented by the priest in which you promise that your children will be raised as Catholics. But when you and your spouse finally sit down and actually talk about God and spiritual matters, you find out that the gospel your spouse embraces – salvation by sacramental grace and merit – is not the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Your spouse believes salvation is earned by perfectly obeying the Ten Commandments and Catholic church rules. Now what?

Representatives of the Roman Catholic church and liberal Lutheranism signed a unity accord this past Monday. But the liberal mainline Protestant churches are pretty much spiritually dead at this point. The real target for Catholic ecumenists are evangelical churches that keep “stealing away” Roman Catholics.

I didn’t make much of Reformation Day this past Monday. I’m not a confetti and streamers kind of guy when it comes to spiritual matters. But the Reformation was a magnificent blessing upon the world and should never be forgotten. As we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation next year, many will use the occasion to promote ecumenical unity at the expense of the Gospel. But I also imagine more than a few non-believers will wonder what the fuss was all about and do a little digging. Let’s pray for them. On our last trip to Germany my wife and I managed to swing over to Zurich for a couple of days and visit the Grossmunster church where Zwingli preached and see his former home. Maybe after we retire we can take a tour of some of the other Reformation sites.

T-minus 4 days and counting. When it’s all over our King will still be on His throne and we, His ambassadors who are but pilgrims in this world, will still have our mission.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Update – News & Views – 11/5/16

    1. You’re welcome, Wally, and thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, two hundred years ago if you were a Catholic and walked the streets of London or Boston on Nov. 5 there was a chance somebody might shove you around. For many, Protestantism was a cultural label rather than faith in Christ. I’ve read a little about the English Reformation recently and would like to read a lot more. Lots of plots (like Guy Fawkes’), skullduggery, and political machinations on both sides, all in the name of Jesus.

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